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Trade Show Clothing Displays

Trade show clothing displays refer to the most popular and customary ways of showcasing your products to the attendees at trade shows. Their use is reputable and no self-respecting business enterprise lacks having items of clothing display. These portable trade show clothing displays are widespread, and you can find a wide-ranging variety to choose from. Trade show clothing displays come in plenty of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors to appeal to any of your needs. They range from the traditional mannequin to rail clothing display racks to many others. Here are examples of portable trade show displays:

Mannequins are a must for fashion trade show displays

Mannequins are arguably the most popular portable trade show clothing displays and the broadest spread method of product display in trade shows: they are undoubtedly ever-present in trade shows. Mannequins are the symbol for showcasing all categories of products, and they come in a variety of colors, styles, shapes, use, and so on. There are genderless mannequins, children mannequins, female mannequins, and male mannequins as well. They are portable, efficient, and useful in displaying products in attractive and fashionable ways before the attendees.


Racks are attractive, eye-catching, and a one of a kind category of trade show clothing displays. Racks provide quite a show and are all gorgeous and carefully designed in various poses and styles. Generally, racks are made out of iron, chrome, wood, and so on. They are fancy, stylish, and offer a shimmering and beautiful sight to behold: they would definitely turn heads. Here are examples of the most popular racks for trade show clothing displays:

  • Spiral Racks
  • Round Clothing Racks
  • Spinner Merchandising Racks
  • Shelf Racks
  • Single-Rail Clothing Racks
  • Rolling Garment Racks
  • Multi-Rail Clothing Racks
  • Towers & Gondolas
  • Garment Bag Racks

 Clothes Hangers

Clothes hangers are one of the most popular and known methods of displaying various clothing items. Clothes hangers allow you to showcase your clothes anywhere in your trade show booth while at the same time keeping your clothes smartly and neatly organized. Hangers are both useful in exhibiting and organizing your products and can easily facilitate the transportation of a lot of items you intend to display to the attendees: they provide a simple yet stylish display. Besides, they will hold your clothing items with ease and you will not have to worry about displaying heavier products. Here are examples of different types of hangers:

  • Dress Hangers
  • Pants Hangers
  • Skirt hangers
  • Children’s Clothing Hangers
  • Suit Hangers
  • Coat Hangers
  • Lingerie hangers

Why you need ExpoMarketing

At ExpoMarketing, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with a myriad of designs and styles that fit their brand concept when it comes to trading show clothing displays: they are designed to fit all clothing, trade show booths, and taste. There are smaller trade shows display clothing as well that are destined for small booths with limited space for clothing display. ExpoMarketing offers portable trade show displays made of various materials including plastic, wood, wire, metal, etc. Get your daily fix of portable trade show displays from ExpoMarketing: amazing creative and smart trade show clothing displays ideas.