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Trade Show Display Walls

The overall success of any exhibition requires creative and colorful trade show displays. They have the potential of turning any dull space into an exciting and inviting platform where you can showcase the best your business has to offer. At ExpoMarketing, we have an exclusive selection of portable trade show displays that will transform your stand and make it stand out from the rest. We have a large pool of trade displays that will fit the needs of any exhibitor. The portable displays make it easy to transport from one place to another. Go through our catalog of trade show displays, and select one that will showcase all the best attributes of your company.

How trade show display walls can add to your exhibition success

Trade shows are essential platforms where you can market your company. They provide an opportunity where you can create brand awareness, increase sales, and build future business relationships.

However, trade shows are highly competitive and challenging. Therefore, you will need to create a space that is professional and attractive at the same time, to increase the chances of wooing new customers. Trade show display walls play an integral role, as they add to the overall design of your display booth.

Trade show display walls will help you make a great first impression on the trade show floor. A trade show display wall that is creatively crafted will help you achieve this, and make people want to visit your booth.

What to consider when designing your trade show display wall

  • Space availability

The amount of space allocated to your brand will play a crucial role when designing your display wall. In most cases, the space allocated to your company will be communicated to you in advance.

 If there is limited space, you pick a flat back wall. A flatback wall is ideal because it fits in all booth spaces since it doesn’t have protruding features. With more space, you select a custom wall that comes with exciting features, that are sure to warrant a closer look from people attending the trade show.

  • Graphics

Everything in your booth needs to match to tell one story. Graphics and signage on the wall will help you create a booth that will attract many visitors. At ExpoMarketing, we will help you design a wall that has the right graphics befitting your company. You can have a supersized logo as your backdrop on a wide-surfaced wall. Another option available is having retractable banners as your wall.

  • Role of the wall

Trade show display walls can act as a product display unit or a conversation starter. If you want to grab attention, you will need to create a customized back wall display. You can decide to acquire a wall with a matte finish or have a curved wall display to have a unique booth that will interest every person in attendance.

At ExpoMarketing, we work to ensure that you create a trade show display wall that will give your marketing success. You can go through our catalog of display walls and select one that matches your company’s brand. We will ensure that you have the right one for an affordable price. Let us be part of your success by creating the best trade show display wall for your company.




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