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Trade Show Tower Displays

Whether you are a brand manager, an airport merchandiser, a hotel manager, an exhibition manager, or a trade show professional, you understand how hard it is to stand out and get noticed on the trading floor. With our high-quality ExpoMarketing trade show displays, your message will attract prospective customers from all over the floor of the event. We understand that the competition is fierce and the stakes are high.

Elevate your brand with our trade show tower displays

Towers are an excellent way to elevate your brand in a crowded trade show environment. When a larger display is better, and the impact of height is essential, a full-color fabric banner graphic is an excellent solution. At ExpoMarketing, we provide a wide range of display tower sizes to serve as a focal point for press conferences, special events, trade shows, and other applications. With full-color dye sub-printed graphics, these trade show tower displays offer high 

impact and substantial appearance. They are also lightweight and easy to transport and store.

Trade show tower displays are exceptionally tall to get your exhibit noticed from a far distance on the trade show venue. We provide 3-sided tower displays, 4-sided tower displays, pillars, funnels, and round towers. All our tower displays enable your designs and branding to be seen from all angles. These portable trade show tower displays will assist you in saving space. Set them right in the center of your booth, and you will have plenty of room all around the perimeter of your booth to meet with clients, display literature, and show your products. There is no reason you should go to a trade show with a booth that is anything less than exceptional. Browse our collection of premier portable tower displays or request a customized display that suits your needs.

Freestanding trade show towers with custom printed graphics in several styles

To beat your competition at any given event, trade show marketers need to stand out in the crowd. With custom trade show tower displays, there is no limit. With displays as high as 17 feet, these fixtures will attract exhibition attendees from a faraway distance. Our custom trade show tower displays provide full-color graphics and come in a portable package. You can set them up and take them down easily and quickly. Another benefit of using these fixtures is their lightweight make that makes them completely suited to conventions and expos. Supplement your trade show booth with a portable custom printed tower and begin realizing the benefits of an attention-grabbing visual beacon.

What makes tower displays so attractive is how they are used within a 3D space. Trade show attendees and salespersons can walk around these fixtures to see promotional content. Tower displays with multiple sides provide more room for large-format graphics – all while occupying a small space. Utilize them as the central piece at trade show events to complement your exhibit features.

Gain a great impact during your next event with height and movement without expensive equipping fees. These towers will get you noticed for less. Deliver the right message with the right exhibition tools from ExpoMarketing.

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