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What Type of Trade Show Wall is Ideal for Your Display?

Trade shows provide an excellent platform for raising brand awareness, networking, and increasing sales. However, you need to set up a display that is attractive and professional to make the best of this opportunity. Your trade show wall displays play as significant a role as the overall design of your booth in helping you achieve this.

Most exhibitors don’t understand how vital the walls can be to a display. As such, they tend to gloss over the decision and miss out on all the benefits a well-designed wall can offer an exhibition. 

Below, we look at the variety of wall types available and how to pick the best one for your brand. There is no right or wrong answer. Nonetheless, these tips should help you zero in on an ideal choice.

Space Provision

Most trade show hosts will inform you of your space allocation well before the event. Thus you can design your booth and display elements to suit the size and location given to you. 

Flatback walls fit comfortably in all booth spaces. Because they don’t have protruding features, you can pick any size from a modest 8 by 8 feet to an attention-grabbing 20 by 8.

If you have more space, on the other hand, you can purchase a custom wall with fancy features that are set to draw crowds to your booth.  

Function of the Wall

Your trade show wall can be anything from a simple backdrop for your display to an elaborate customer lure. Thus, you should consider if you wish for it to go relatively unnoticed, act as a product display unit, or be a conversation starter in itself.

Exhibitors who prefer walls that grab attention can opt for a creatively customized back wall display. They can purchase or rent a design with a matte finish, for example, or a unique curve shape.

Signage and Graphics

Everything in your booth needs to blend in together to tell one story, including the trade show wall displays. Some exhibitors prefer to have one large graphic or a super-sized logo as their backdrop. If this sounds like you, then you need a wide-surfaced wall.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to have individual panels standing behind specific products, you should look into getting a series of retractable banners. When placed side by side, they usually form a magnificently varied wall.

Transport Requirements

One of the more stressful aspects of trade show planning is transporting elements to and from the trade show floor. For convenience, we usually recommend that our clients opt for portable trade show displays and walls.

If your company has a tight shipping and transport budget, you should go for a wall with a compact design that packs into sizeable carrying cases.

Available Labor

After you transport your wall to the trade show site, you need to move it to the floor and set it up. You can easily do this alone or with the help of a few employees if your design is engineered for a simple setup.

However, some walls are more difficult to move and install than others. If you are not prepared for this eventuality, you may blow up your ROI with drayage fees and extra labor costs.

Therefore, you can stick to more unadorned walls if you are exhibiting at a relatively small show with a few employees. But, if your company can provide enough labor, then you can go as elaborate as you want.


Trade show wall displays are a powerful investment tool and can really make your display pop. An attractive wall equals more traffic, which equals more potential customers, increased sales, and a high ROI. The reverse can also mean disaster for your business.

Thus, you should select a wall that grabs attention while adhering to your company’s needs. You can call our ExpoMarketing creative team for help finding the perfect wall for your booth.