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Trade Show Display Designs are Always Evolving

Whether you have attended trade shows for years or you are just getting ready to attend your first one, it is important to understand what custom trade show display designs work. Designs from four or five years ago may no longer work and the expectations of trade show attendees are becoming more sophisticated every year. Below, we look at how trade shows have changed in recent years and what displays are now most effective.


The Influence of Public Health

The COVID-19 pandemic had most, if not all, trade shows shut down across the country. While in-person events have been back on now for some time, many attendees are still cautious and you must take this into consideration when designing your trade show display.


Many people who attend trade shows still like to maintain distance from other people. At the same time, you have to pack as much as you can into your trade show display so important elements are not left out. Still, to provide the necessary space for guests, you may have to be more selective about things such as the number of products you display or streamline your display to provide more room for foot traffic.


Provide an Experience

Trade show guests do not attend these events only to passively watch presentations or product demos. Today, people want to get involved so your trade show display must give them an experience. Do this by allowing attendees to try the product out for themselves, or use interactive presentations that allow guests to decide what product demos they want to see, or choose the information they want to take a closer look at. Augmented reality and virtual reality are also both great ways to give your guests an experience they will not soon forget.


Consider a Virtual Trade Show Display

Whether you are creating a virtual trade show display to complement your in-person event or to take its place, there is a lot to consider. The two displays may attract different demographics. For example, small businesses may visit your virtual trade show display while big companies may visit you in-person because they have the budget to travel to different events.


You should also make sure you are providing the same engaging and interesting content across both types of displays. You could provide an in-person product demonstration at the trade show, while showing virtual visitors a pre-recorded video as part of your display. Doing so will cater to the needs of both audiences and boost the overall success of the trade show.


Our Trade Show Displays Have Evolved with the Trends

At ExpoMarketing, we know that trends in trade show displays are constantly evolving. It is why we are dedicated to staying on top of those trends and incorporate them into our designs so you have a display that is as dynamic as it is functional. If you would like to learn more about how we can help with your next trade show, contact us now at (949) 250-3976 to speak to one of our trusted professionals.

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