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Trade Show Display Tips for Small Budgets

It is no secret that trade show displays are expensive. If you choose a large booth, it could even cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, even if you or your company does not have that large of a budget, you still have many options. Below are some top tips for creating a dynamic trade show display on a small budget.


Know What is Provided

Many trade shows will offer participants with some basic materials. For example, they may provide you with a table as well as a skirt or cover. The materials provided by trade shows are usually very basic. You may, for instance, only receive a black table cover that does not necessarily complement your brand’s color scheme. Read your contract to see what will be provided to you and if it does not say specifically, contact your trade show representative and ask.


Know What You Already Have

Assess all of the items you already have that you can use in your trade show space. Look in storage spaces and supply closets to find any supplies that may be hidden away. If your budget is very small, you may even ask staff members if they have items at home you could use. Someone may, for example, have a tablecloth that better suits your color scheme or another person may have a miniature game you can use in your space.


Consider Rentals

Displays, hardware, and furniture are all big expenses at trade shows but they all also have rental options. Find a company that will rent you what you need if you are on a tight budget. This is particularly beneficial if you only attend one or two trade shows. It is important to do the math, however, as purchasing these materials may make more sense if you attend several trade shows.


Maximize Your Table Covers

Of all the design elements you may use in your space, your table cover is the most basic. However, it does not need to be that way. Using a customized table cover with your brand’s logo or product is a great way to boost awareness and draw in the crowds. Customized table covers may seem like an investment upfront, but they will essentially pay for themselves if you use them over the long run.


Coordinate Clothing

If you already have uniforms or merchandise with your brand’s logo on it, everyone in your trade show space should wear them during the event. This way you will ensure that no matter where you or your staff members go, you are getting your brand’s message across to your audience.


We Provide Trade Show Displays for Small Budgets

Just because you have a smaller budget does not mean you cannot participate in trade shows and exhibitions. At ExpoMarketing, we create trade show displays that work for all budgets and that will draw in the crowds. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or fill out our online form to learn more about the options we carry that are right for you and your business.