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6 Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Trade Show Product Displays

Statistically, you only have a few seconds to make a first impression at a trade show. Within that time, you need to attract the attention of people enough to make them want to visit your booth. The best way to make your case is to use trade show product displays to showcase your products effectively.

An effective product display results in a high ROI, which is one of the purposes of attending a trade show. If you are not getting results from your booth, you need to improve it by either adding or removing some elements.

However, if you’re not careful when accessorizing, you may end up with a messy booth. Let’s look at some tips to help you design a product display that gets you results.

Maintain Proportionality

Consider product proportions when designing your product display. If items are large enough to be displayed on their own, arrange them singly or place them in kiosks complete with product descriptions. You can also cluster smaller products in boxes or piles while observing variety.

Depending on size, you can place products on the floor, shelves, or on wall mounts. Try to leave as much space as possible in the interior of the booth for customer engagement.

Highlight Your Brand

People are more likely to buy from a company they trust. As much as it is crucial to showcase your products, you should also display your company’s identity.

Accessorize your trade show displays with logos, colors, and taglines that are unique to your brand. This should emphasize the connection between your products and your brand as well as answer common questions.

You can also highlight your brand through branded banners, carpeting, or giveaway items.

Add Lighting to Your Showcase

Use lights to draw attention to valuable products that represent your brand. Lighting, combined with a locked display case, should make your products stand out from the rest of your booth. Depending on your company’s preferences, you can either use a white spotlight or a color associated with your brand.

You could also use LED lights to create a description for each display. This should leave you with an exhibit that entices prospects to view or buy your products.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Booth

Prospective clients are drawn to trade show product displays that have enough room for movement in between products. Apply the rule of negative space to your booth and space out your products, so they are not competing for attention.

You can try incorporating wall-mounted or hanging displays into your designs to remedy cramping around your booth and create a welcoming environment.

Create an Interactive Space

If attendees feel they can use your products, they will relate to them. Therefore, decorate your product display with graphics depicting people using your product such as photos of clients using your headphones, chargers, or kitchenware at home.

You can also host an engaging demo so that visitors can interact with your products themselves.

Promote Your Product Display Before the Show

Lastly, let people know that you are planning an exhibit. You can post your social media handles to engage with attendees and give them sneak peeks of your product display.

This should win you some foot traffic way before you get to the trade show floor. Make sure you remain active on social media during that too.

Wrapping Up

The success of trade show product displays is dependent on how creatively they are designed. If you want your showcase to work, don’t hold back. Engage your prospects’ senses, scale up, and incorporate living elements like plants into your booth.

You can also contact our ExpoMarketing creative team for more ideas on how to make your product display pop.