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Choosing the Right Exhibit for Your Show Booth

Picking a nice spot to set up your booth goes a long way to ensure that you get a good number of visitors. In fact, booking a booth with the best exhibition company, increases your chances of networking. However, coming up with the right display object is an essential thing to ensure you find a market for your product at an expo.

Here are a few strategies to help you pick the right exhibits for your booth;

Creating an Exhibit Proposal

An exhibit proposal is a plan for the items and activities that you need to have and perform during the exhibition. You come up with all sorts of ideas that you feel will help push your brand during a trade show.

This may include a list of;

  • Display objects, for example, architectural models of houses
  • Communication media such as brochures
  • Stands and mounts.

This is a crucial step as it helps you to come with new ideas and plans on how you can actualize them. It is also necessary that you come up with a budget for the items, and people who come together to make it successful, such as the graphic designers.

In the proposal, include a list of objectives that you plan to achieve during the exhibition.

Selecting Objects

After creating a proposal, you need to narrow down to the best objects fit for the show, by considering the following;


You must evaluate each item against the set objectives. A good exhibit helps you communicate your ideas to the visitors of your booth. Pick a display item that will summarize the product you are trying to sell.

For instance, a real estate agent can carry house plans and architectural models of the house they are selling. This will help the visitors understand more about the product without its actual presence.

Impact on the Visitors

Manipulate your objects to gain more audience by using elements of size, shape, and color. Commonly, larger objects have a more significant impact on people than smaller objects. Also, people tend to relate more with objects in motion than those that are static.

Family Group Influence

On most occasions, children tend to influence other family members to specific spots that interest them. 

Therefore, when selecting display items, consider those that will gain the attention of the kids to bring more traffic to your booth, especially at family exhibitions.

Object Assessment

Finally, you must assess the kind of objects for display at a trade show. A suitable display object should have the following characteristics;

  • Able to withstand all types of weather conditions, or at least should not be destroyed by the weather.
  • Not disoriented by high or low temperatures.
  • durable
  • Not fragile- at the trade show, you should expect many people to touch or hold the display items. Fragile items may easily get damaged by people.

With the right exhibits, you can push your brand further by taking advantage of digital trade show displays provided by some exhibit designers such as Expo Marketing.

Having the right exhibits for your show booth is important in ensuring a successful exhibition. You should pick an item that gains the attention of masses and, at the same time, communicates your idea.

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