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Tips to Maximize Your Trade Show Booth Marketing

The success of your exhibit rests on the amount and quality of traffic you draw to your booth. Whether you are seeking to generate buzz for a new service or product, sell your brand image, or acquire new leads, you need an inventive and effective strategy.

Below are some tips to help you realize the best results with trade show booth marketing:

Set Your Goals

Define specific, realistic, and achievable goals for the event and create your marketing strategy around them. What do you wish to accomplish with your booth? Are you launching a new product or trying to get more clients?

Remember to share your goals with your team so you can work together to attain them.

Plan Ahead

After you put together a strategy for trade show booth marketing, you need to begin planning. At ExpoMarketing, we recommend you start at least 6 months before the show. 

Putting your booth together takes much time. You need to design your display, choose products to exhibit, print brochures or leaflets, and prepare giveaways.

You may also need to make regular improvisations to account for changes in market trends.

Find The Perfect Location

The location of your display on the trade show floor dictates the number of attendees who interact with you and your staff. Overall, booths near the entrance enjoy the heaviest traffic. If you set your booth by the exit, by the time people reach it, they are too tired to approach it. 

Most trade shows offer prime locations to their clients at a fee. These spots sell out fast, so if you wish to get one, you should do it fast.

Get The Best Design

The ExpoMarketing team puts a lot of stock in booth design. How your exhibit looks determines whether you attract visitors or lose them. Go for a custom design with a bright color palette that matches your brand’s theme and maximizes on signage and lighting.

Send a clear message about your brand, but don’t skimp on functionality.

Offer Giveaways

People like giveaways. Organize interactive games or contests related to your brand and be as creative and flexible with them as your host allows.

If you don’t prefer games, you can offer your visitors branded freebies like t-shirts, postcards, prototypes, bracelets, chargers, power banks, or laptop cases.

Market Yourself Before the Event

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Create a buzz among your target audience weeks before the exhibit through all platforms. You can send emails, make announcements on your company website, and post on your handles. Try creating a hashtag for your show to keep people talking.

Keep marketing your display even during the show itself. Film live stream videos or take photos with clients and post them consistently.

Follow Up Leads

Don’t rely entirely on impressions. If you delay to follow up leads, you lose potential clients. A few days after the show, send your leads emails, call them, or schedule meetings. Keep reminding them of your product and build a relationship with them.

Be persistent without being bothersome.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, the success of your trade show booth marketing hinges on your attitude. Wear your brightest smile and be welcoming. Ensure you maintain a professional but happy mood and answer your visitor’s questions satisfactorily.



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