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Trade Show Tower Displays: 6 Reasons You Should Invest in One

Attention is the bread and butter of exhibitors. Unless you command presence on the trade show floor, you can’t generate leads, increase revenue, or promote your brand. If you want to get noticed at an event, you should be dramatic, and what better way to do that than through a tall trade show tower display?

Trade show tower displays can be seen from all corners of the floor. As a bonus, they are affordable, customizable, and portable. With a well-designed tower display, there is no doubt that attendees will find their way to you.

Advantages of Trade Show Tower Displays

Towers offer the same attention-grabbing effect as hanging signs, without the extra cost of rigging. Also, with modern technological advancements, designers can build a tower up to 16ft high. With this in mind, let’s look at all the benefits you can garner from investing in a tower display.

Trade show tower displays:

Come in a Wide Variety of Designs

There are numerous types of tower displays available for purchase or rent to exhibitors. Whatever message you wish to send to the attendees of a trade show, you are sure to find a tower that can implement it. Common types of trade show tower displays include:

  • SEG Framed Towers: engineered with a Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) finish, these rectangular-based towers carry a large number of customization and size options. They also come with a backlighting option.
  • EZ Towers: a basic solution that comes with a circular or square-shaped pillar in different sizes. These towers are made from aluminum frames and are therefore lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • Modular Towers: come in different shapes and sizes, such as a circular, square, or hexagonal base. Their assembly process is tool-less, and their lightweight design is highly durable.
  • Pop up Towers: these towers come with a roll-up frame that can be backlit easily.

Present Zero After-Costs

Once you purchase a tower display, you have made a durable investment. These trade show displays which are designed to withstand repeated use and transport carry no hidden damage costs. Also, because of their simplistic design, you can use them without the need to hire a logistics company or pay any setup costs.

Are Highly Customizable

Trade show tower displays are designed with portable, modular frames that can support numerous features. Along with your tower, you can get:

  • High-finish fabric graphics
  • Backlighting option
  • Add-on features like doors and monitors 

Require Less Labor

As mentioned, trade show towers don’t require special rigging. They have a straightforward design that can be assembled easily by one or two people in no time at all. As a result, you can save on labor costs and drayage fees and direct the funds towards implementing your marketing strategy.

Can be Used for Storage

Most trade show towers are entirely hollow inside. As such, you can use them as cross-purpose storage spaces for product samples, giveaways, extra marketing materials, tools, and props.

Are Space Efficient

These displays utilize mostly your booth’s vertical space. Thus, you can maximize the rest of your space allocation for product displays, interactive locations, and communication with your prospective clients.


Trade show tower displays are a surefire way to get people talking at a trade show. You can accessorize them with vibrant colors, backlights, and graphics for added dramatic effect. All this, coupled with the fact that they are affordable, durable, and lightweight, makes tower displays a valuable asset to your trade show catalog.

Feel free to contact ExpoMarketing if you wish to buy or rent a trade show tower display or have more questions.

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