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Types of Portable Booths to Consider for Your Next Trade Show

When done correctly, a trade show can spike your ROI to insurmountable levels. This is why the most elite competitors are now switching to portable booths. A portable trade show booth makes a statement. It tells competitors that you own the trade show floor and informs customers that you are their best option.

That said, there are several types of portable booths from which to choose. Here we explore three options for your next show.

Common Portable Booths

Generally, there are three types of portable booths. These include:

  • A basic display – Includes small, interrelated displays set up on a table
  • A self-supporting display booth
  • A complex display – Involves the use of eye-catching kiosks

Note that there might be variations within each type of portable booths. Some include add-ons, accessories, and packing crates. That said, the choice of a display depends on the size and needs of your business.

  1. A Simple Portable Booth

Simple portable booths or also known as pop up displays, use modular units that are usually arranged in different ways. Each unit serves several purposes and compliments the rest. A simple portable booth is the most flexible option as it is easy to assemble, store, rearrange, transport, and dismantle. You can also move it from location to location or resize it using minimum labor.

The most common display of this type is the tabletop design. It is the least expensive option and popular among startup companies.

That said, a simple portable booth is not as visually impactful as other options.

  1. A Self-Supporting Booth

These are freestanding displays that are often constructed as pop-ups. Most of them come prefabricated and make a lasting impression on trade show attendees. A self-supporting portable booth is relatively more expensive than a simple booth. It may also require more time to assemble and dismantle, although it is easy to transport as a unit.

If you are exhibiting at an event that requires you to move from time to time, move your self-supporting display as a whole rather than dismantle it.

  1. A Complex Portable Booth

A complex portable booth is the most expensive option of the three. They also offer less flexibility in terms of configuration, setting up, and disassembly. Nonetheless, these portable booths include attention-grabbing kiosks that make a significant visual impact. They can often be seen from across the trade show floor from all sides.

When coupled with aggressive marketing, a complex portable booth can help you achieve a high ROI.

Why Should You Purchase a Portable Booth?

Generally, portable booths are a treasure trove for trade show exhibitors. They can help you attract new clients and investors. They can also increase your sales and spike your ROI. Here are some reasons you should invest in a portable booth:

  •       They are affordable
  •       Portable booths are flexible and versatile.
  •       They are easy to transport, store, assemble, redesign, and dismantle.
  •       They support the addition of accessories.
  •       Portable booths can be resized to fit different floor spaces.

Shop for a Portable Booth Today

Regardless of the niche, trade shows are a vital part of every business. They are the best way to reach out to clients, prospect customers, and investors alike. Do you wish to dominate the trade show floor? Check out or ExpoMarketing line of portable booths. The styles offered are beyond expectations.

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