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Using Social Media to Win at Trade Shows

The benefits of social media marketing in marketing your next trade show cannot be overstated. Trade show social media marketing is affordable, reliable, and convenient. You can use social media for marketing your event before, during, and after the show.

Pre-Show Trade Show Social Media Marketing  

  • Research the official hashtags of your trade show and follow it for about four weeks before the official date. Once you have studied it and interacted with the main players, use the hashtag to announce your presence at the show. You may create new hashtags that match your objectives.
  • If you plan on introducing or promoting new products, consider creating teaser videos and promoting them on social media. It is an effective way to create a buzz.
  • If you have connections on social media that could be helpful to your brand, invite them to your booth in advance.
  • Use your social media to share photos that could create interest for people to visit your booth.
  • If you intend to sponsor a speaker, promote your involvement with them before the date of the trade show.

During the Show

  • If a visitor seems excited about your brand or has had positive experiences with it, ask to take a photo or video of them and share it on various social media platforms.
  • In your booth, include your web addresses and encourage visitors to check out your social media platforms.
  • When promoting your exhibition on social media, try to be as detailed and timely as possible. It should help your followers feel like they were there. Your photos and videos don’t necessarily need to be about the show. Make them fun and interactive.
  • If you plan on having giveaways or contests during the event, promote them on social media.

After the Show

You can continue promoting your exhibition on social media even after the event is over. Some of the most effective ways to do it include;

  • Publish a post about your participation in the show.
  • Go through your leads and find people that you can connect with on social media sites. You may also like their pages or leave interactive comments on their pages.
  • Use your social media platforms to promote informational material from the show. 
  • Create brief videos of the event and use them as teasers for the coming events.

Social media is a powerful and cost-effective way to get the most from your trade show investment. However, you can only get optimal results if you plan carefully. Trade show social media marketing techniques come in handy from the planning phase until the event is over. 

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