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Trade Show Training: 5 Tips for Effectively Exhibiting Your Products

With so many companies, booths, and products at a custom trade show display, it is critical to stand out amongst the crowd. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how, exactly, to accomplish that difficult task. While it is great to be creative, there are basic foundations that can be established to strengthen the trade show product presentation. In today’s Trade Show Training series, we will discuss five customizable ways to make your product memorable!

1. Product Knowledge: It is CRITICAL to know your product like the back of your hand. Know all the functions, pros, cons, and features of your product. You should serve as a reliable resource for attendees to consult without feeling unsure about your credibility. Additionally, you should be able to specify who the intended persona and audience for the product is.

2. Competitor Product Knowledge:
While it is essential to know your own product, studying the pros and cons of competitor’s products gives you an extra edge. You can use information collected from competitor’s products to compare yours against theirs. Why is your product the SUPERIOR product? Don’t give attendees skewed information about the competitor’s products either – that affects you and your company’s credibility.

3. Enthusiasm:
It’s one thing to know a lot about your product. Anybody who researches enough can attain that same level of knowledge. What adds the selling factor best is the emotion and attitude you have when educating booth visitors. If you show enthusiasm about your product, the audience will feel that impact in a positive way. By being passionate about what your company has to offer, your sales and customer satisfaction ratings will increase.

4. Demonstrations:
Presenting company products at trade shows using live demonstrations is a great way to attract crowds and spread the word about your product(s) and branding. This is especially important if your message is one that focuses on the science or ingredients of your product.

5. Research:
Find out when and where you can promote your product even more. Demonstrations are good, but getting your product outside of the booth space is great. You can do this by offering samples, hosting Exhibitor-Presented Seminars and/or Showcases, or providing product inserts in the retailer bag.


Being educated, passionate, and resourceful are great tools for selling products at trade shows. Your company, branding and products are the stars of the show – allow them to shine!


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