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Trade Show Hanging Signs with Impact

A smart way to increase visitors at an exhibition is by having a trade show hanging sign. Any trade show booth can have a trade show hanging display–from pop up displays to custom displays. As attendees enter the showroom, their attention will be drawn to your fabric trade show hanging display. As they walk the show floor, they will remember the display and their interest will be piqued. This trade show training discusses not only how to create signs for trade shows with impact, but the steps to take beforehand to make your sign shine!


What is a hanging sign or hanging banner?

A hanging banner or hanging banner sign is any sign that is attached to the ceiling of the convention center and hangs down. Such a display can give your booth an advantage because it is visible from far away on the trade show floor. Many shows have a height limit for displays, however, so contact your show to find out the type of tradeshow signs permitted. 


How do you hang a banner at a trade show?

Once you have decided you want to add a trade show hanging sign to your booth, follow these steps to make it happen.


1. Research the Show for rules regarding trade show hanging displays

It is IMPERATIVE that you research the show you are attending. Not all shows allow hanging banner signs, and the ones that do often have tradeshow sign limitations, dimension requirements, or installation requirements. Take careful note of factors such as:

  • Trade show hanging sign labor costs (typically paid hourly)
  • Forklift labor costs associated with tradeshow sign installation
  • Ceiling rigging limitations for trade show hanging displays
  • Hanging banner sign length/width limitations
  • Special instructions for electric trade show hanging signs
  • Warehouse deadlines & missed deadline fees
  • Other forms, deadlines, and requirements regarding trade show hanging signs as stated in the exhibitor manual


2. Design Your Trade Show Hanging Display

Here comes the fun part – designing your trade show hanging sign! There are several aspects of your sign to consider as you go through this process. Remember to follow all the criteria spelled out in the exhibitor manual as you design.

  • Size: How big do you want your tradeshow sign to be?
    You want your sign to be NOTICEABLE, but not too much so that it overshadows or takes elements away from your trade show booth design.
  • Color: What mood or message is implied by the color choices of your trade show hanging sign?
    Remember – your sign is the most visible part of your booth from across the show floor. For the primary colors, follow this rule of thumb:
    RED = enthusiastic, alarming, attention-grabbing
    YELLOW = optimistic
    BLUE = trustworthy
  • Text and Graphics: How much text should you use?
    Keep the text on your hanging banner sign CONCISE and VISUALLY APPEALING. Overwhelming signs often have a crowded, overly-textual and/or overly-stimulating looks to them. Additionally, when creating this balance of text and graphics, keep your color choices in mind. Text color that clashes with graphic color creates nothing short of a hanging sign nightmare!


3. Install Your Trade Show Hanging Sign

Because of the rules most trade shows have, you will not be able to install your trade show hanging banner yourself. Trade shows will most likely require you to hire approved labor to install any trade show hanging displays. However, you or a coworker can personally supervise the installation of your tradeshow signs and make sure everything is set up correctly. Labor workers will install the hanging banner signs according to show regulations and the installation instructions included with your trade show hanging display. 

By following these steps, not only can you avoid unnecessary show fees, but your fabric trade show hanging display or other tradeshow signs of your choice can increase visitors to your booth, and increase leads from the show!

If you have any questions about trade show hanging displays or would like to add one to your booth, contact us. We will be happy to help!


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