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Trade Show Training: Exhibit Hanging Signs with Impact!

A smart way to increase visitors at a trade show is by having a hanging sign. As attendees enter the show room, their attention will be drawn to the signs. As they walk the show floor, they will remember the signs and their interest will be peaked. This trade show training discusses not only how to create trade show hanging signs with impact, but the steps to take beforehand to make your sign shine!


1. Research the Show

It is IMPERATIVE that you research the trade show you are attending. Not all shows allow exhibit hanging signs, and the ones that do often have sign limitations, dimension requirements, or installation requirements. Take careful note of factors such as:


2. Design Your Sign

Here comes the fun part – designing your exhibit hanging sign! There are several aspects of your sign to consider as you go through this process. Remember to follow all the criteria spelled out in the exhibitor manual as you design.


By following these steps, not only can you avoid unnecessary show fees, but your trade show exhibit signs can increase visitors to your booth, and increase leads from the show!