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Trending Trade Show Displays for 2023

It is 2023 and with the COVID-19 pandemic largely behind us, people are more excited about attending trade shows in person than ever. If you are thinking about attending a trade show, you are likely also looking for ways to maximize your return on the investment. Keeping up to date with the new and exciting developments is one way to do this. Below we outline some of the biggest trends in trade show displays for 2023.


Backlit Displays and Video Walls

Portable counters, towers, and modular backlit walls have been popular for many years now. Today, they have been updated and perfected for superior performance. For example, a 10’ x 10’ backlit display and backlit display kits are functional and complete booth systems that look amazing. Video walls have also become more affordable and they incorporate fully integrated hardware and software to create interactive presentations at scale. These displays will certainly catch the eyes of 2023 trade show attendees.


Mix and Match Display Sizes

It used to be that once you had a display of a certain size, it was difficult to change it without paying a great expense. Now, modular trade show displays have markedly improved and businesses can now plan to use one exhibit in many different booth sizes. There are many brands that offer modular systems that can be expanded or sized down for smaller spaces.


Interactive Digital Kiosks

While there was once a gap between the online world and in-person trade shows, that is no longer the case. Throughout the country you will see interactive digital kiosks at trade shows that can be used in many different ways. A digital kiosk and touchscreen devices can be used by attendees to place orders, view products in real time, and communicate with other people that may be thousands of miles away. A digital kiosk can make the event a truly exciting experience for everyone.


Quick Assembly

At one time, trade show participants had to show up at the venue hours before the exhibition actually started. This is because it took time to fully set up a display. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Today, modular systems take just minutes to set up. With nothing more but some simple instructions, anyone can set up these systems even when they are not familiar with them.


Backlit Hanging Signs

Place a backlit hanging sign beside one that is not illuminated and it will literally outshine the other. A backlit hanging sign will grab the attention of attendees from across the hall and they are available in many different shapes and sizes. To make them pop even more, make sure that your hanging sign incorporates a lot of color.


Our Trade Show Displays are On Trend

A trendy trade show display will stand out in the crowd and draw many visitors to your space. At ExpoMarketing, we always stay up to date on the recent trends so we can deliver only the best to you. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or fill out our online form to see some of the trendiest displays that will get you noticed.

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