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Types of Outdoor Trade Show Displays You May Want to Consider

For many people, the COVID-19 pandemic is long behind them. For others, though, life is still not the same as it was before the pandemic, and there are still some places that feel unsafe. Crowded trade shows that have poor ventilation are one of these. If you want your trade show to be successful, you have to take all attendees into consideration and make sure they are comfortable. This is one reason outdoor trade shows are becoming more popular.

When exhibiting at an outdoor trade show, you have many display options to consider. Portable displays are one of the best options, but you may also want to consider mobile displays and container exhibits. Learn more about these different options below.


Portable Trade Show Displays

Portable displays are good for many purposes, but they are particularly ideal for outdoor trade shows. In fact, most outdoor displays are portable because they need to work in spaces that may not have been specifically designed for trade shows. When using a portable display, you can use it virtually anywhere.

It is important to know that some components of a portable display may have to be changed to use them outdoors. Most portable displays are made up of components instead of a single large structure. You may have to change some of those components so they can be used outdoors. For example, outdoor signage may have to be altered so it is secure against large gusts of wind. The best outdoor displays are typically fairly heavy and sturdy, such as banners that are fixed securely in place or floor stands that are weighted at the bottom.


Mobile Trade Show Displays

Mobile trade show displays are portable displays taken to the next level. Using a mobile exhibit provides you with an alternative to traditional trade shows. Visiting many locations you can meet people throughout the state, or even the country. You also will not need to compete with other companies to get the attention of potential leads and new customers. Due to the fact that you are not limited to show cities only, you can also visit a greater number of places.


Container Trade Show Displays

Container trade show displays are housed inside of an industrial container. While they are very effective at indoor trade shows, they can also be used outside. All of the components of your display can be packed inside of the container and stored safely. The container is also portable, which means you can move the display and use it virtually anywhere. Additionally, you can also use the container’s exterior as additional space for your messaging.


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