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Understanding Customer Behavior is Key to a Successful Trade Show

There are many factors that go into creating a successful trade show. Your trade show display is certainly one of the biggest factors, but that display only works if you can attract visitors to it. Understanding customer behavior is one important, although often overlooked, element of making sure your trade show is a successful one. For example, did you know that most people are inclined to turn right when they enter a structure? Below are other common types of customer behavior to understand so you can achieve your trade show goals.


Make a Lasting Impression


Did you know that your company has only seven seconds to make a good impression? Considering that trade show visitors are bombarded with many different messages, noise, and more, this can be difficult when you are one of many booths. It is for this reason that making sure you have a dynamic, entertaining, and informational trade show display is so critical. Work with a company that will create a dynamic display that will grab the attention of visitors in the few seconds you have it.


The Desire to Reciprocate


People tend to reciprocate the behavior of other people. For example, if your staff members are rude and snarky to visitors, this is likely the response you will get in return. However, when you can do something nice for visitors, they in turn want to do something nice for you, even if they do not realize it. Use free products, small gifts, and coupons at your booth and if you can make it something exclusive to trade show visitors, that is even better.


Find the Right Space


People tend to gravitate to certain areas, and this certainly holds true with trade shows. Try to set your booth up in an area close to any larger presentations going on, such as panel discussions. Or, if your trade show has an area to purchase food, you could set up somewhere nearby. When setting up, also make sure your display provides an open and welcoming atmosphere that invites people in.


Connect with Your Visitors


You may see hundreds of people during a trade show. It is easy to shift into autopilot with your language and booth behavior, but it is critical that you do not so you can really connect with your visitors. 


For example, simply leaning in when someone speaks to you can help build a connection with visitors, as it shows you are really listening to what they say. Giving your full attention to visitors when they stop by your booth and staying off of the phone and other gadgets is also essential. This is important whether you are actively engaged with a visitor at the time or not, as it can help ensure your company stays top of mind even after they leave the show.


Our Trade Show Displays Can Help Your Company Succeed

It is critical to take a holistic approach when planning for trade show success, so you can truly show off your trade show display. At ExpoMarketing Group, we create displays that grab the attention of visitors so they can focus on your product or service. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to get more information.

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