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What are the Benefits of Tension Fabric Displays?

Tension fabrics are extremely durable and vibrant due to the dye-sublimation process. This process applies high pressure and heat to transfer a digital color image onto fabric made from knit polyester. The dye then cools and the image is embedded into the fabric permanently. This means the image will not easily fade and will be eye-catching as soon as it is stretched to fit a counter, tabletop, or aluminum frame. 

As attractive as the images on tension fabric displays are, they have many other benefits, as well. Below are some of the biggest benefits a tension fabric display will bring to your exhibit.


Low Shipping Costs

The cost of shipping heavy materials can quickly add up. You may also have to ship your display to many different cities or states, depending on how many trade shows you plan on attending. Tension fabric displays, also sometimes known as pop-up displays or portable displays, are extremely easy to ship and store because they are so lightweight. The fact that there are not a lot of heavy materials means that your shipping costs will be greatly reduced.


Easy to Assemble

If you have been to trade shows before, you know that time is money at these events. The more time you spend setting up and assembling your space, the less time you have to interact with attendees and sell your product to them. However, fabric tension displays are some of the easiest to assemble. Assembly can be done by just one person but when two people are on the job, assembling these displays can take just minutes.


Wrinkle Resistant

People sometimes invest a great deal of money in trade show displays only to find once they arrive at the event that they are creased, folded, or wrinkled.  Tension fabric displays, though, are wrinkle resistant, which makes them even more durable. Tension fabrics will always give you a crisp and clean appearance, which will make your entire space look more professional. 

While these displays are durable, it is important to care for them properly. To keep their condition pristine, it is recommended that you use an exhibit storage facility. These storage areas will have adequate temperature control so when you are not using the tension fabric, you will still know it will not get damaged in any way.


Boost Your Return On Investment

While fabric displays are easily customizable, durable, and provide a dramatic appearance, they are also very affordable and will still drive traffic to your trade show exhibit. As you increase leads and cut costs, you can drastically boost the return on investment using simple tension fabric displays.


Call to Learn More About Our Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays

The above benefits are just a few that tension fabric custom trade show displays offer. At ExpoMarketing, we have a wide variety of tension fabric displays that will help your company stand out at any trade show you attend. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to speak to one of our representatives and to learn more.

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