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What to Include in Your Makeup Trade Show Display

Whether you are selling actual makeup, services such as makeovers, or tool and brush sets, a trade show is a great way to showcase your product. If you have never been to a trade show, or your experience with them is limited, you may wonder what to include in your display. Your actual products, as well as information about your company, is essential for your trade show space. However, by using a little creativity you can show people what you do, draw in the crowds, and generate leads.


Use Live Models


Live models can be used to show off your products, or your skills as an artist. If you have staff members, some of them may be willing to act as your models, or you can hire professionals if you have the budget. You can demonstrate on the models how your product works, and attendees will be able to see it for themselves. This can be much more effective than simply leaving attendees to look at packages of your product.


Use Before and After Images


If you have a portfolio of current or past clients, you can use before and after pictures to show trade show attendees how your products have helped your clients. If you do not have a portfolio or any before and after images currently, you can use the weeks leading up to the show to gather them. Before and after images can then be posted on the walls of your trade show display, allowing attendees to once again see your products at work.


Give Away Samples


One thing all trade show attendees expect to receive at any trade shows are giveaways. Fortunately, makeup is one of the best types of products to give away at shows. Choose smaller products so you can give out as many as possible without taking up too much of your budget.


Run Contests


You can also run contests in your booth and give away products of higher values to the winner. You could even use your products as part of the competition to help your business stay in the minds of attendees. For example, you may challenge attendees to use contouring makeup on a mannequin head and have other attendees vote on which one is the best. To the winner, you could give a whole contouring set.


Tailor Your Display to the Overall Show


You may attend trade shows that are not strictly about makeup but that are still a great place to showcase your business. In these instances, you should tailor your trade show display to the theme of the show. For example, you may attend a bridal show and set up a display showcasing your bridal makeup services or products brides have used in the past. You could even design your booth as a wedding space or include things brides may use when getting ready on their big day, such as mimosas.


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There are many creative ways to design a makeup trade show display, but it all starts with hardware, graphics, and other technical elements. At ExpoMarketing, our team of professionals can create the display you need to draw in the crowds and generate leads. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to speak to one of our experts and learn more.