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Which is Better, Pop Up Displays or Tension Fabric Back Walls?

When you are participating in a trade show, you have many display options. It is not always easy to determine which one is right for you. Pop up displays and tension fabric walls are two of the most popular types of exhibits used today. Both of these options can provide a customized back wall for your booth space and they do serve the same purpose. However, these two types of portable displays also have their differences. It is important to know what they are so you can make sure the one you choose is right for you.


What are Pop Up Displays?

Many years ago, pop up displays were the only portable back wall displays on the market. One of the most popular types of pop up displays is the ten-foot curved model, although there are other sizes of curved models, as well as ones that are straight.

Pop up displays have an accordion-style frame that simply expands and locks into place. Panels are then hung from the top pegs and attach onto the frame using clips or magnets. The panels are made of either fabric or laminated graphics and they are attached to display your logo, new product, or anything else you want to showcase. Pop up displays are also transported in a hard case that can double as a podium in your trade show booth.


What are Tension Fabric Displays?

The majority of tension fabric displays use an aluminum tube as a frame as the back wall. The system snaps together very quickly, meaning they are very easy to assemble. Even when just one person is working on it, assembly can be done in just minutes. Once the frame is assembled, the tension fabric is slipped over the frame like a pillowcase. It then just needs to be zipped closed to keep it taut and fixed in place.

In addition to being very easy to set up, tension fabric back walls are also very portable because they are so lightweight. Tension fabrics can also be used on other surfaces, such as countertops, in your trade show booth, giving you even more branding space. Some models of tension fabrics come with a case, but others do not.


Which is Better?

Unfortunately, no one can tell you whether a pop up display or tension fabric display is better for your business. They both have their benefits and drawbacks and it is largely a matter of personal preference. Pop up displays are bulkier and heavier. You also have to make sure the panels line up perfectly to accurately convey your message. However, pop up displays can make a bigger impact due to the fact that they are so much larger.

Tension fabrics, on the other hand, are extremely lightweight and the graphic is one piece, so you do not have to line panels up together. Tension fabrics can become wrinkled or creased over time. The display that is right for you will depend on how you intend to use the display the overall look you are striving for.


We Offer Many Portable Trade Show Display Options

Pop up displays and tension fabrics are two of the most popular types of portable displays, but they are not the only ones. At ExpoMarketing, we are proud to offer high quality portable trade show displays that you can use for many years to come. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or fill out our online form to learn more about how we can help.

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