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Why We Love Trade Show Booth Rentals (And Why You Should Too!)

If you’re like most people who own or help manage a business, you know that the growth of the company is widely contingent on the right marketing strategies. I have good news for you – attending your next trade show is a good marketing strategy! Now, let me assist you with your next step: your booth.

Before you go design, first, you need an actual exhibit. Renting your booth is a practical, worthwhile investment when it comes to showing off your business to the world. Don’t believe me? Take the personality survey below to decide for yourself if a trade show booth rental and custom trade show displays are the right choice for you.


#1 You value flexibility and adaptability over rigidity and commitment.
Unless you’re getting married or adopting a pet, a long-term commitment is not something you seek in everyday life. You desire things that can change easily in this ever-changing world we live in. You are looking for a booth that can accurately depict your branding, while continuing to adapt to the environment of the show floor surrounding it. If your company wants to revamp its image, you want an exhibit that will welcome the face-lift.


#2 You want high-quality product for a lower price.
Whether you’re a struggling business owner or a wealthy entrepreneur, you want to save money anywhere you can. But, you can tell the difference between something that looks cheaply-made, and one that is good quality, sturdy, and clean. You realize that there are few things in life that are both high quality and low price, yet you keep your hopes up that you’ll come across one of these rare occurrences. When searching for the right booth, you want to maximize your profit, plain and simple.


#3 You plan on attending more than one show.
“I have the booth, I have the resources, I’ve gone through the trade show experience,” you think to yourself as you plan the future of your company’s marketing, “Why stop there?” Good question. The answer? You don’t stop. You plan to continue attending shows and keeping your exhibit relatable to the shows’ demographics. You also want to save additional money by signing a multi-show contract with your exhibit house instead of paying show to show exhibitor prices.


If you answered “yes” to any of these three questions, then renting a booth is the best option for you! Keep your company on the cutting edge with the ability to easily alter graphics, redesign the layout, or change the size of your booth. Opt for the least expensive option (renting!), and don’t worry about losing the sheen of a new, beautiful booth. We get it – renting ANYTHING and hoping for a spot-on result can cause anxiety and cold feet. Instead of stressing about it and subsequently purchasing an expensive custom booth, research exhibit houses to find the best fit for you. Good exhibit houses will give you the best quality rental, custom or not. Maximize your profit with a rental by signing a multi-show contract instead of paying for each individual show – many offer a discount when planned in advanced. As you can see, we love trade show booth rentals; now it is time for YOUR business to experience the benefits of renting.


Don’t know where to start, download our Trade Show Budget Checklist to make sure your company has a comprehensive and realistic budget for your next show.

Trade Show Budget Checklist -- Website

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