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Your Clothing is Part of Your Trade Show Display

It can be tricky to determine what you want to wear when attending a trade show. You definitely do not want to appear disheveled or sloppy, but you also do not want to be overdressed, as that can intimidate attendees. It is also critically important to dress in a way that aligns with your brand’s image and culture. Like most other elements of trade shows, there are some tips you can follow to make sure you are dressed for success at any exhibition.


Know the Weather

First and foremost, you have to dress appropriately for the weather. For example, if you know it will rain all day, you can dress accordingly so you do not arrive with soaking wet shoes and pants that are splattered with mud. If you have customized umbrellas that display your brand’s logo, this is a great way to make an impression even before you arrive on the trade show floor.


Wear the Right Shoes

You will be on your feet all day at a trade show, talking with attendees and handing out your giveaways. To keep comfortable, you should find a shoe that looks professional but also that will not cause you any pain.


Wear Branded Apparel

One way to get your brand noticed is to have all staff members, including yourself, wear apparel that has your brand on it. When everyone is wearing the same type of shirt or jacket, your staff members will appear more professional while also giving your staff a way to stand out from other trade show attendees. Something as simple as a shirt with your logo on it will make a great first impression and help your business capture more leads.


Dress for Your Industry

The industry you work in will greatly determine what type of outfit you wear to a trade show. For example, if you are a landscaping service, you likely do not want to wear a three-piece suit to a trade show, as it does not fit with your brand’s image. Instead, a nice pair of slacks and a polo shirt is likely enough. On the other hand, if you are in the financial industry, a full suit with a tie may be more appropriate.


Layer Your Look

Layering clothing is very important when attending a trade show. You may not expect someone to spill a drink on you or for a pen to explode in your pocket, but things happen. By layering your clothing, you can simply remove one layer and reveal another that is just as professional-looking and impressive.


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