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A Spacious Inline Display | BITGLASS 10 x 10
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A Spacious Inline Display | BITGLASS 10 x 10


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Rental Price: Starts at $6,861

The Bitglass exhibit booth is a very spacious inline display in spite of its 10 x 10 footprint. This custom inline display includes everything you need without looking overcrowded. It features a canopy with recessed lighting that accents the built-in shelving unit. The built in shelves are perfect for displaying products to customers. A monitor with overhead lighting takes up another portion of the wall–drawing attention to the booth while allowing attendees to watch demos or other multimedia presentations.

Two iPad stands frame the reception counter so customers can interact with your apps or input their customer information while they wait to meet with a customer representative. The center of the booth is left open to maximize the flow of traffic through the booth. High-quality graphic designs on the counter and backwall draw the customer’s eye to the booth. This inline custom trade show design is displayed with vinyl hardwood flooring to complete its look. This booth is a great option if you need to show demonstrations in a smaller but spacious inline display.

How easy is it to set up the Bitglass 10×10 tradeshow display?

The Bitglass 10 x 10 custom inline display is fairly easy to set up. Most trade show events will require you to hire event labor to set up this display since it is not a portable pop up display. Check with your show to find out the rules. The good news is that it won’t take the laborers long to set up this booth–saving you a lot of time and money.

Can I customize this display?

The spacious Bitglass 10 x 10 inline display is easy to customize. See the next section about customization options for the many ways to customize this inline trade show booth design.

What are some customization options?

The graphics on the backwall and counter of the Bitglass 10×10 custom inline display can easily be customized to fit your brand. The layout of the reception counter and iPad stands can be rearranged. The monitor, iPad stands, and counter can even be removed to increase the spaciousness of the inline display. Other flooring options and accessories can also be selected.