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ITUTOR 10 x 40

Inline Exhibit Rental or Purchase

Rental Price: Starts at $58,806

This 10x40 custom trade show exhibit has many unique, high-end features. This booth is a great fit for the educational industry, but is versatile to fit any industry. Some of the high-end features in this booth include a video wall, three monitors, two reception counters with 3D lettering, two counters for electronics, small meeting space, and theater seating. The back wall graphics can be illuminated with LED lights to give your booth an extra lighting feature. This booth is perfect if you have demos and or slideshows to present.

How easy is the itutor 10 x 40 trade show booth to assemble?

The itutor 10 x 40 trade show booth is not portable. This means that most trade shows will require you to hire professional labor to assemble it. Since the itutor is fairly easy to assemble, your labor costs won’t be as high as a lot of other booths, but you will not be allowed to assemble it yourself.

Is it easy to ship the itutor 10 x 40trade show booth?

The itutor 10 x 40 trade show booth packs away neatly into cases and can be shipped via freight. Once it arrives, trade show workers will transport your booth to your booth location for an additional fee (drayage).

How can I attract guests to my itutor 10 x 40 trade show booth?

The itutor 10 x 40 trade show booth will already attract a lot of attention to your booth with its video wall and multiple monitors. To attract additional people, try making your booth interactive or making use of giveaways. It also helps to choose a high traffic or corner location for your booth.

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