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Custom Inline Display ITUTOR 10 x 40
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Custom Inline Display ITUTOR 10 x 40


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Rental Price: Starts at $58,806

This 10×40 custom trade show inline display has many unique, high-end features that really make it stand out on the trade show floor. Its sleek design features a video wall with theater seating. Multiple, large monitors dot the rest of the display. A canopy with partial walls separates two of the monitors to give them a more private feel.

Two reception counters with 3D lettering, another large touchscreen monitor, two counters for electronics, and a small seating area for meetings complete this custom 10×40 trade show display. Recessed lighting adds to the booth’s overall appearance. The back wall graphics can be illuminated with LED lights to give your booth an extra lighting feature. This booth is perfect for you if you have a lot of audiovisual presentations to display.

  1. Is it easy to set up the Itutor 10 x 40 inline trade show display?
    Since the Itutor custom inline display is not a portable booth, most trade show events will require you to hire show-approved labor to set it up. This booth will come with set up instructions that should be easy for show laborers to follow. You can also send someone to supervise the set up of your booth to ensure everything goes according to plan.
  2. How many people are required to set up this inline display?
    Most shows will require your Itutor custom 10×40 trade show display to be set up by show-approved labor. Therefore, the number of people needed to set up this display can vary because it partly depends on the skillsets of the laborers and union labor rules.
  3. How can I customize my inline display?
    This custom inline display is already highly customized. For further customization, furniture or graphics can be added or changed to give the display a new look. Different flooring or lighting features would also dramatically impact the booth’s overall aesthetic.
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