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Medallion2 2008 10 x 10

Medallion2 2008 10 x 10

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Purchase: Starts at $8,405 (only frames & graphics)

  • 10×10 display (can be converted to a 10×20 portable display)
  • Reception counter for workspace with removable storage
  • Clamp and puck lighting
  • Sleek and simple shelves for product display
  • Shown with optional lights, counter, and flooring.
Starting price does not include lights, flooring, shelves, counter, or canopy framing. 
Counters shown are not portable and are shipped in a large container. Can be substituted for a portable counter option. 


  • Tool-less assembly (including all accessories)
  • Washable fabric
  • 100% customizable graphics
  • Double-sided printing capability with a secondary message
  • Components and graphics made in the USA
  • 2 in. tube design
  • Magnetic 3D letters
  • More lighting options than the Valencia
  • Able to add dimension
  • Can fit up to a 60 in. monitor
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