Medallion2 2009 10 x 20
  • retailer booth 10x20 custom fabric
  • 10x30 portable fabric booth
  • Valencia Portable Display Case
  • Valencia Portable Displays Counter Case
  • Inside storage image of booth case

Medallion2 2009 10 x 20

Purchase: Starts at $21,523 (only frames & graphics)

  • 10×20 portable modular display
  • Front reception counter with easy set-up, durable countertop, and seamless tension fabric wrap for branding
  • Optional product display shelf
  • Optional placards, easily display additional company information, product specifications, and or photos
Shown with optional lights and front counter.


  • Tool-less assembly (including all accessories)
  • Washable fabric
  • 100% customizable graphics
  • Double-sided printing capability with a secondary message
  • Components and graphics made in the USA

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

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