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Nordic 40 x 40 | Modern Island Trade Show Display
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Nordic 40 x 40 | Modern Island Trade Show Display


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Rental Price: Starts at $111,683

The Nordic 40 x 40 modern island trade show display is a great fit for someone looking for a spacious custom island exhibit with lots of seating areas. This eye-catching islanddisplay has bright green graphics that are enhanced with LED lighting. These bright colors will help your booth get noticed on busy trade show floors. A large reception counter welcomes visitors to this modern island exhibit. It has a nice mix of modern and contemporary design materials including vinyl wood flooring, wood tone graphics, and modern shaped hanging signs.

High walls with graphics, archways, and recessed lighting make this trade show exhibit visible from far away. Four monitors and lots of lighting brighten up the booth while entertaining customers with vivid multimedia presentations. Lastly, the five seating areas are spaced out and semi-private–giving your representatives plenty of space to meet with clients individually. If you like this modern island trade show display, but would like it for a smaller booth space, the Nordic 20 x 30 version is also available. Or, view our full booth portfolio for other ideas Other custom features in this custom island exhibit include fabric graphics, custom lighting, and 3D letters.

How easy is it to set up the Nordic 40×40 tradeshow display?

Whether you are purchasing or renting the Nordic 40×40 modern island trade show display, most shows will require you to hire union labor approved by the show to set it up. Exhibitors are generally not permitted to set up their own booths unless the booth is portable. Exhibitors are allowed a staff member to supervise the setup, however. This way you can make sure everything is set up correctly. 

Can I customize this display?

The Nordic 40×40 custom island exhibit can easily be customized in a variety of ways. See the next section for details on how to customize your display.

What are some customization options?

The graphics of the Nordic 40×40 modern island trade show display can all be custom designed for you. The layout can also be rearranged to best suit your vision. Lastly, any of the furniture and accessories can be changed out or rearranged to make this modern island exhibit perfect for you.

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