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Payjoy 20 X 30 Custom Island Exhibit Display
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Payjoy 20 X 30 Custom Island Exhibit Display


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Rental Price: Starts at $40,000

Create your next custom island display with this 20 x 30 PayJoy booth. This design features two private meeting spaces on one side of the booth–each equipped with a meeting table, chairs, and a wall-mounted monitor so you can conduct your meetings in peace. A storage closet in the back of the booth provides much needed storage. 

The other side of this custom island exhibit display is open and contains three different seating areas where customers can meet with company representatives or browse literature while waiting for a conference room to open up. Two reception counters are set up at the entrance of the booth so company representatives can greet customers, answer questions, and direct the flow of traffic. 

Vivid graphics, a monitor, and large hanging signs make this booth impossible to ignore. This 20 x 30 custom island exhibit display is sure to grab your audience’s attention on the show floor. Other custom features in this booth include kiosk stations, flooring, and lighting. Everything in this display can be customized to fit your trade show needs!

  1. Is it easy to set up the Payjoy 20 x 30 island display?
    Since the PAYJOY 20 x 30 custom island exhibit display is a large booth that is not portable, most shows will require you to hire show-approved labor to set it up. The booth will come with set up instructions that should be easy for show laborers to follow. You can also send someone to supervise the set up of your custom island display to ensure everything goes according to plan. 
  2. How many people are required to set this island display?
    Most shows will require this 20 x 30 custom island exhibit display to be set up by show-approved labor. Therefore, the number of people needed to set up this display can vary because it partly depends on the skillsets of the laborers and union labor rules. 
  3. How can I customize my island booth display?
    This custom island display is already highly customized. However, the flooring, graphics, signage, and furniture can be changed out to give it a completely different look. The furniture layout can also be rearranged to help the booth function differently.
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