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PLAY 10 x 20 Inline Exhibit Display
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PLAY 10 x 20 Inline Exhibit Display


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Purchase Price: Starts at $50,000

The Play 10 x 20 custom inline exhibit display has a sleek design, features lots of storage, and has lots of display space. The entire back wall of the display is covered by a slatwall alternative that allows you to add graphics to your back wall while still functioning like a slatwall. Shelves, hooks, and any number of accessories can be plugged in to this slat wall alternative and arranged any way you want.

This inline exhibit display includes a large, enclosed storage closet, a few drawers, and plenty of shelving. The front of this inline exhibit display is left open to allow the flow of traffic through the booth. A canopy with recessed lighting sheds light on the products you have on display. This booth gives you the freedom to show your story to your potential customers, and effectively display your products.

Is it easy to set up the Slatwall Alternative inline exhibit display?
Since the Play 10 x 20 inline exhibit display is not a portable booth, most shows will require you to hire show-approved labor to set it up. The booth will come with set up instructions that should be easy for show laborers to follow. You can also send someone to supervise the set up of your display to ensure everything goes according to plan.

How many people are required to set up this inline display?
Most shows will require this 10 x 20 custom inline exhibit display to be set up by show-approved labor. Therefore, the number of people needed to set up this display can vary because it partly depends on the skillsets of the laborers and the union labor rules.

How can I customize my inline booth?
The Play 10 x 20 inline exhibit display can be customized by adding more shelving, drawers, hooks, or rearranging the display features on the back wall. Graphics can also be customized, and flooring and furniture can be customized for this inline exhibit display.