THALES 20 x 30
  • Double Deck Booth
  • Thales Double Deck Exhibit 20x30
  • Double Deck Exhibit
  • Thales Double Deck Booth 20x30
  • Thales Double Deck Display 20x30
  • Top View of Double Deck Booth

THALES 20 x 30

Double Deck Rental or Purchase

This 20 x 30 double deck island exhibit will set your company apart from the competition. This exhibit is a great design to use at a cyber security trade show like RSA or Blackhat. The vibrant fabric graphics are wrapped around the booth structure with LED back lit monitors that make this exhibit visually stand out. Using 3-D letters and a hanging sign allows your audience to easily spot you on the trade show floor. There are plenty of demonstration areas in this booth with seven TV monitors and three meeting areas. This exhibit gives you plenty of options and space to show demos and speak with your clients.

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