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Trade Show Planning

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Jun 19

How Trade Show Marketing Helps to Solve Customers’ Problems

By Patrick Suh

Trade shows have continued to stay relevant, even though online advertising accounts have more than 50% of digital marketing. This is because both the consumers and business owners benefit from face-to-face interactions. Keep reading to see how portable trade show displays help customers to solve their problems. While it is... read more →

Apr 16

Common Mistakes of Trade Show Marketing Campaigns

By Patrick Suh

Participating in trade show exhibitions can be expensive. You can’t afford to make any mistakes. They can reduce your ability to meet your objectives. Trade show marketing campaigns are great for introducing new products to the market, generating leads, promoting brand awareness, and clearing stock. The following are some of... read more →

Apr 15

Trade Show Marketing Tips for High ROI

By Patrick Suh

When you start exhibiting at trade shows, you should always strive to make the most out of it. With the right techniques in place, you can use the trade show display to increase your brand awareness, generate leads, and build strong relationships. The following trade show marketing tips can help... read more →

Apr 14

Creating a Trade Show Marketing Plan That Works

By Patrick Suh

Trade shows are an effective way to connect with new customers, introduce new products to the market, and check out your competition. With the right trade show marketing plan, you can meet your objectives every time you display. Some of the most common things to do include;  1. Have a... read more →

Apr 13

Using Social Media to Win at Trade Shows

By Patrick Suh

The benefits of social media marketing in marketing your next trade show cannot be overstated. Trade show social media marketing is affordable, reliable, and convenient. You can use social media for marketing your event before, during, and after the show. Pre-Show Trade Show Social Media Marketing   Research the official hashtags... read more →

Apr 12

Tips to Maximize Your Trade Show Booth Marketing

By Patrick Suh

The success of your exhibit rests on the amount and quality of traffic you draw to your booth. Whether you are seeking to generate buzz for a new service or product, sell your brand image, or acquire new leads, you need an inventive and effective strategy. Below are some tips... read more →

Apr 11

Trade Show Marketing Best Practices

By Patrick Suh

It doesn’t matter whether you are operating a big firm or a small and medium enterprise (SME); the goal of a trade show is to come out with strong leads and long-term clients. A lot of time and effort goes into creating a successful trade show so it’s always advisable... read more →

Apr 10

Effective Ways to Cut Your Trade Show Marketing Costs

By Patrick Suh

Trade show marketing allows you to meet dozens of potential clients in a single day. It is the most effective way to increase awareness for your business and acquire new leads. However, despite their effectiveness in boosting brand growth, trade exhibitions can be costly.  Below are some tricks to help... read more →

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