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Trade Show Planning

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Apr 03

How to Make Your Trade Show Banner Outstanding

By Patrick Suh

A banner is an important tool that not only attracts people to your booth but also communicates your idea to potential clients. A banner is a useful marketing tool as it targets the appropriate audience in a show and makes it easy for people to remember your brand. Here are... read more →

Apr 02

Choosing the Right Exhibit for Your Show Booth

By Patrick Suh

Picking a nice spot to set up your booth goes a long way to ensure that you get a good number of visitors. In fact, booking a booth with the best exhibition company, increases your chances of networking. However, coming up with the right display object is an essential thing... read more →

Jun 20

Multi-use Portable Event Displays

By Kaitlin Reynolds

Majority of our customers usually purchase portable displays because they need a trade show booth, but they want to cut the cost of shipping and labor expenses. However, not all companies go to trade shows, but there is a good chance that your company does do other face-to-face marketing events. read more →

Aug 01

Tips for Startup Exhibitors

By Lisa Bertaina

Exhibiting at trade shows and conventions offers an important opportunity to grow your brand and connect on a personal level with new prospects, while also engaging your current customers. Trade shows also require a significant investment of time, money, and careful planning in order to help you achieve your marketing... read more →

Jul 01

Can’t Miss Pet Trade Shows

By Lisa Bertaina

According to the American Pet Products Association, U.S. pet industry expenditures totaled more than $60 billion in 2015, and were expected to climb to nearly $63 billion in 2016. As pet industry veterans know, much of that commerce is driven by the many trade shows and conventions that take place... read more →