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PCP Inline Trade Show Booth Rentals

Convention Display Booths


Convention Display Booths are used to communicate who you are, what your business is about, display your products, answer questions, facilitate dialog, and showcase your brand. With customizable and portal convention display booths, you can attain that tailored look, feel and function that creates a memorable and lasting impression for your audience. The first, and arguably most important, job of your booth is to draw people in. Convention Display Booths from ExpoMarketing allow you to customize the look and feel of your exhibit to represent your brand and make you stand out on the showroom floor.

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You may hear different terms describing booth configurations, but the major differences occur between what are known as Inline and Island booths. The linear or Inline configuration is the most prevalent booth space where exhibits are exposed to at least one-but up to three – aisles and can occupy multiple 10-foot booth spaces. The island booths are almost always at least 20-feet by 20-feet. These variables in canopies, hanging graphics, lighting and ceiling supported trusses, afford near-endless possibilities for custom convention display booths.


From first-time exhibitors looking for an economical portable booth, to industry giants wanting to take advantage of a double-deck island, ExpoMarketing can translate your brand into a welcoming, attention-grabbing display. Using unique graphics and the striking aesthetics of vibrantly colored fabrics, 3D logos and back-lit displays, you can maximize your visibility and creatively execute an on-brand message. From flooring, layout, lighting, furniture and accessories, rest assured that ExpoMarketing has every detail of your exhibit covered.

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What is a popup booth?

A popup booth is a portable booth that features large graphics.  It can easily be set up in a short amount of time–usually just a few minutes.  It is lightweight, and it can be packed up and stored compactly when not in use.

Is it easy to setup a booth display at a convention?

Toolless, portable booths and popup displays are easy booths to set up at a convention.  Some portable displays require a bit more assembly, and non-portable booths will usually require you to hire labor at the trade show exhibit to set up and tear down your booth.

How do I make an attractive booth display at a convention?

An attractive booth should have a visually striking appearance.  Use high-quality graphics that are in line with your brand.  Consider backlit booths or booths with a lot of light to help your graphics stand out.  Also, consider a unique feature such as a tower to catch people’s eye.

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