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Why Renting a Natural Products Trade Show Booth is Smarter

If you’re considering renting a display booth for your next natural products trade show, you need a booth rental company with the size, experience and expertise to handle all your exhibition needs. A pioneer in the booth rental market, ExpoMarketing designs and builds trade show booths that provide a custom look and feel while giving exhibitors a cost-effective alternative to the high cost of booth ownership.

Since 1991, our award-winning booth designs have been used by exhibitors in the natural products industry from coast to coast. We carry one of the largest booth rental inventories on the market. And we specialize in creating trade show booths that help you stand out from the crowd while capturing your brand style and personality. For smart booth rental solutions that save you time and money, ExpoMarketing is the #1 choice. From concept to completion, we provide a proven process for building an eye-catching exhibit that captures your prospects’ attention – and their business.

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Natural Products Expo Trade Show Displays

Advantages of Renting vs. Owning

  • Flexibility. When you own an exhibit booth, it can be difficult and expensive to change sizes for different shows. Renting enables you to change the size and design without making costly alternations to your exhibit.
  • Reduced labor costs. ExpoMarketing can design your booth to reduce your labor, shipping and drayage costs. We can also help you avoid additional fees for maintenance, refurbishment, pull and prep, and storage.
  • Custom look for less. Our expert exhibit designers and graphics team take the time to understand your exhibit goals and objectives. Then we design a booth with a custom look and feel that translates your brand into a bold, attention-grabbing display.

Top Natural Products Industry Trade Shows

ExpoMarketing rental display booths can regularly be found at some of the biggest and most exciting natural products trade shows and expos. Look for us at the following shows:

 For more information on these exciting shows, visit the ExpoMarketing blog.

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25 Years of Natural Products Industry Experience

As the tastes and preferences of American consumers continue to evolve, the natural products industry evolves with it. More and more American eaters are moving toward “snackifying,” whereby they eat more smaller snacks or meals throughout the day instead of three big meals. Fruits and veggies snacks are becoming more popular as well, which signifies consumers’ growing desire for natural, organic products.

As a leading designer of natural products display booths for 25 years, ExpoMarketing knows where the industry has been and where it’s going. We work hard to keep current with all the latest industry trends. Then we help you design a booth that aligns with your brand style and industry trends. Today’s natural products trade show attendees expect to be able to sample your products, which means you don’t want a cluttered display that restricts traffic flow. So we design open layouts that make it easy for you to prepare, display and let your guests sample your natural products in comfort and style.

When you need a natural products display booth that dazzles attendees without breaking your budget, call ExpoMarketing at (800) 867-3976 and let’s talk rentals!