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At ExpoMarketing, we know that some business owners rely on trade shows to help market their business. That is why we are always looking for new ways to make your trade show experience easier. We are seasoned professionals in the trade show business, and we know that trade show displays can come with a big headache due to sizing issues, configuration issues, and most of all, hauling your displays in and out of the expo. If you are a business that provides goods such as food items and beverages, you know the importance of having a way to give samples at a trade show. We have specially engineered food and beverage sampling stations for you to be as user friendly as possible, without sacrificing on the aesthetic. If your business provides food, you will want to sample your food so that others can truly experience how incredible your food is. If your food is being displayed on a cheap fold-up table, people may be hesitant to try your food. The look of your sampling station plays a key role in enticing attendees to try your food and hopefully love it enough to purchase. Here is what makes our stations state of the art:


The tables we make for our food and beverage sampling stations are designed for easy portability. We understand the need for easy to move around as many trade show goers often travel from state to state with their displays. The entire display is quick to disassemble and easy to reassemble so that any team member can do it. Check out our portable trade show display page.

Space Capacity

The food and beverage sampling station tables come with built-in storage space for you to store your food or whatever products you may need to store. The storage space is not big and bulky, and it won’t take up precious space you may need. The storage is built in under the counter and comes with sliding doors as a standard option. The sliding doors are our customers favorite because they don’t interfere with or take up floor space when you open them. However, the doors are customizable and can be changed to fit your personal needs and preferences. There is enough space under the counter for mini refrigerators if your food requires refrigeration. You will love the amount of space for storage without it even taking up any extra space. 

Sleek Design

With our food and beverage sampling tabletops, you can choose the design of your countertop. We use Formica laminate countertops, with the design of your choice. You can make your counter look like marble, wooden butcher block, or even granite. This sleek design is great for serving food on as it is easy to clean and wipe down. Since it is laminate, it is incredibly lightweight and easy to haul, unlike real wood or marble countertops. With this sleek design, you get a professional feel, without the expensive cost. If you would like to see an example of one of our food and beverage sampling station set ups, check out this 10×10 portable trade show display.

User Friendly

The food and beverage sampling station set up is very user friendly without a complicated design. You will be able to access everything that you need very easily and quickly. The storage is directly under the countertop, making the food easy to move from the refrigerator directly to the countertop. Your portable food sampling station is easy to assemble and should not take you too long to get it up and running at each trade show. Avoid the frustration of watching customers walk by while you are setting up and beat out your competition with our easy and frustration free system.


Every business is different. When one set up may be perfect for one business, it could not work for another. The beauty of our food and beverage sampling stations is that they are completely customizable. We can get the right dimensions that work for you, the correct counter space that you need, and the proper amount of storage space that you need as well. You can design the space to get the look and feel that you are hoping your customers will experience. If you need help in designing, we are happy to help with that as well. Let us be as involved in your process as you would like us to. Check out our custom trade show displays to understand how the process works. 

Cost Effective

Formica Laminate is much more cost effective than a granite or marble countertop. Our food and beverage sampling stations are also cost effective since they are portable. You will be able to save thousands of dollars on drayage fees due to the simple fact that your display is portable. While the upfront cost may seem high, we will be able to save you thousands of dollars in the long run by not having extra shipping fees or needing professional help setting up your booth at each trade show you attend. We know that the frustration of an inferior product stays much longer than the thrill of a “good deal”. Our team is dedicated to making sure that your sampling station not only is built to last but will be remembered as money well invested. 


Can I fit a mini fridge under my food and beverage sampling station? 

Yes! Let us know the size of your refrigerators or freezers and we will be able to make sure that your refrigerators will fit the way you will like them to.

Do the Food and Beverage stations have sinks?

Everything station is customizable so we will be able to make sure that a sink will be able to be added if you are needing one. Just let us know, and we can talk you through the pricing of adding a sink station. 

Would I be able to have storage space and refrigeration?

Yes, we would be able to make a sampling station for you that has storage space and accommodates a mini fridge as well. We can work with your ideas to set you up for success. 

Use ExpoMarketing for Your Food and Beverage Sampling Stations

If you are interested in customizing the perfect food and beverage sampling station for your trade show booth set up, please contact us for professional advice on the perfect set up. We have a great team full of innovative ideas and creativity. We would love to get together with you and hear your trade show goals and come up with a plan on how to achieve them. The best way to reach us is by filling out our form here.

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