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If you want to market your company in a creative way, then you may want to consider attending a trade show. Trade shows are a great way for you to get your company out there, and possibly acquire new customers. When preparing for a trade show, there are so many things that need to be taken into consideration. One thing that will require a lot of thought and planning would be the trade show display. It is important that your display is one that is unlike any others there so that people will be drawn towards your booth. Depending on your needs, ExpoMarketing can create a display that will meet all of your needs. One common display that is used is the booth with storage closets. No matter what you need to store, we can help make sure you have the right storage solution.


Trade shows are a great way for people to showcase products, or give attendees samples of their products. By giving the attendees samples of your products or performing demos during the trade show you will attract people to come and stop by your booth. With all of these extra products or demo equipment, sitting around, your booth can become cluttered quickly. Having storage space in your trade show booth will ensure that you have enough room to store all of your products, along with products that you are planning on giving out to potential customers. This will make sure that your booth does not become too overcrowded with all of the extras that are not necessarily a part of the booth itself.

Will Storage Closets Take Up Too Much Room in My Booth?

Some people have the worry that the storage closets will take up too much room in their allotted space, however, that is not the case. We know how important it is to make sure that your booth is aesthetically pleasing. So, we make sure that these closets will be discreetly placed so that they look as though they are a part of the booth. Our designers will make sure that your booth looks natural and balanced so that it is not overtaken by the storage space. 

What Type of Booth Uses Storage Closets?

Typically, these storage closets are in the inline booths. This is because there is so little room in the booth for anything else to be stored. However, storage closets are not limited to an inline booth. They are also extremely helpful in the peninsula, island, or perimeter booths. No matter what your location is in the trade show, or what type of booth you have, these storage closets can be greatly beneficial as you participate in a trade show.

What Size of Booths Can Have Storage Closets?

Typically, the storage closets are placed in the smaller inline booths. These inline booths are in a line, and each booth gets an allotted amount of space that is next to other companies on both sides, as well as on the backside of them. These storage closets can be extremely beneficial, especially in these small inline displays. Storage closets are mostly used with the 10×10, 10×20, custom, and portable trade show displays. However, our designers have the ability to create a design for you, where you can have storage closets in your booth, no matter what the size of your booth is. There is no correct answer as to what size of trade show booth could use a storage closet, as they would work for all of them.

What Can be Stored in These Closets?

There are many different uses for the storage closets. This may depend upon how you are going about the marketing of your trade show. These closets can be used to store the equipment for demos, products, merchandise for giveaways, prizes, samples, or even different food that is to be given away. It does not matter why you need storage; these closets have the room to store all of your products or other equipment that you would need during the trade show.

Are Storage Closets Functional?

One of the greatest benefits that comes with the storage closets in a trade show display is that they offer functionality. These closets will be functional so that you can store all of the items that you need without having to have them out on the counters of your display. This will help your booth feel clean and professional. 

Why ExpoMarketing?

When participating in a trade show, we want to make sure that your booth will be getting a significant amount of traffic and engagement. We want to help you get the trade show display that meets all of your needs. Our displays are state of the art and offer all kinds of solutions that will help you with all of your needs. Our team will listen to you to gain an understanding of your needs and goals, then our team of designers will help you design a booth that has all of the functional features that you need in order to achieve all of your goals. Our team is passionate about helping you achieve the trade show display that meets all of your needs.

Contact Us

If you are ready to get your trade show booth designed, contact us today! We want to help you create a booth that will stand out from all of the others and will be functional enough to help you meet all of your needs. We look forward to working with you!

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