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APRIL 21, 2015

TUSTIN, Calif., April 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — kathy ireland® Worldwide and ExpoMarketing Group have recently partnered to bring kathy ireland® Exhibits by ExpoMarketing. The partnership between the two marketing firms will offer a signature line of trade show exhibits that will embody the confidence, ambition and originality of businesses nationwide.

“From our first meeting with Kathy Ireland, we knew that the kiWW® team was our perfect partner.  We share many core values and a strong passion for helping our clients to succeed,” says Lisa Bertaina, President of ExpoMarketing.  “All of us at ExpoMarketing are ecstatic to welcome Kathy and kathy ireland® Worldwide to the ExpoMarketing family.”

“Lisa and the entire team at ExpoMarketing are extraordinary leaders in every aspect of trade show design and presentation. There is no finer company in their category. The word genius is frequently overused. In this case, it is deserved. Our ExpoMarketing team raises the bar and deserves the description of genius. It is a great honor to partner with ExpoMarketing,” says Kathy Ireland, CEO and Chief Designer of kathy ireland® Worldwide.

kathy ireland® Exhibits seeks to empower businesspeople both on the trade show floor and in their professional endeavors.  This exceptional line of exhibits is constructed with professionalism and finesse.  Just as kathy ireland® Worldwide emphasizes in its mission statements, kathy ireland® Exhibits by ExpoMarketing is “…finding solutions for people in business™.


Established in 1991, ExpoMarketing’s focus is on the overall experience of its clients’ trade show presence, encouraging individuality and personal charm to bring stand-out shine to the show floor. The well-trained staff uses its craft and expertise to capture the essence of each client’s branding into unforgettable exhibits.


Founded in 1993, the kathy ireland® Worldwide brand celebrates a lifestyle. The missions of “…finding solutions for families, especially busy moms™,” “…finding solutions for people in love™,” and “…finding solutions for people in business™,” translate to all kiWW® collections, including: fashion, fine jewelry, intimate apparel, skincare, accessories, weddings, home, office and more.  kiWW’s unique capability to design and translate fashion trends for all markets and price points allows it to develop product for a wide variety of customer tastes.

Listed as the 31st most powerful brand globally by License Global Magazine, with annual merchandise sales of $2 billion, according to Forbes Magazine, the success of kathy ireland® Worldwide is the result of teamwork and dedication. According to Fairchild Publications, Kathy Ireland is one of the 50 most influential people in fashion.

Kathy and kiWW® support many non-profits including: YWCA Greater Los Angeles for which she is an Honorary Ambassador, Dream Foundation, Providence Educational Foundation, 911 for Kids/AEF, Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


To receive more information, photographs or to arrange interviews, please contact

Paul Williams, 310/569-0023

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