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Renting vs Buying: Which Trade Show Booth Option Is Right For Your Business? – Infographic

Renting a booth for a show is a smart investment that more and more companies of all sizes are turning to, for functional, as well as fiscal reasons. Here’s a side-by-side comparison overview of why renting has become such a popular option.




Cost effective

Renting enables your company to be represented by a larger exhibit and/or add more design elements in order to maximize your trade show budget. Purchasing the same quality booth would cost at least 3 to 4 times the amount of a rental. With purchasing, you have to settle for a smaller booth with less design elements. On average, renting costs about one third of what it takes to purchase a comparable booth.



Renting gives you the ability to change booth design, layout, size as often as you need to. Renting allows you to adjust or alter your booth and your brand evolves while giving you an affordable way to stand apart from the crowd on any show floor. Additional components can be added to your initial purpose, but it can be costly. Also, with a purchased booth, it is challenging to accommodate the variety of different shows you exhibit in. You can’t, for example, turn a 40×40 into a 10×10.



Renting is great for companies that need to exhibit at more than one show at the same time. They can also help your team accommodate schedule conflicts and tight deadlines. You will need to purchase several booths in order to accommodate a busy trade show schedule. This requires significantly more financial commitment.



A rental program allows you to completely sidestep all ‘pull & prep’ and storage fees. The majority of exhibit houses will charge pull & prep and storage fees, unless you choose to store and assemble the booth in your office. 37% say renting has helped decrease overall exhibit-related costs.



There’s almost always wear and tear when a custom trade show display comes back from a show. Renting gets you a booth that is as good as new for each show and is exempt from any refurbishing and repair fees. Wear and tear will inevitably occur throughout the lifetime of your booth. With a purchased booth, you will have to pay for any repairs or refurbishing. “Ongoing repair of a purchased booth after each trade show can total approximately 3 to 5% of the total value of the exhibit.”



There’s always the possibility your company might merge with another organization, get bought out or simply change the branding, logo or messaging. A rental booth has the ability to adapt to any industry or brand changes without heavy investment. When your company undergoes changes, you can still make alterations to your booth, but it comes with a steep price tag to replace the branding and graphics. With a purchase, you’ll have little choice, since the only other option is to buy a brand new booth.



The ability to reuse rental inventory components makes renting a booth friendly to the environment. You are also exempt from paying any fees to dispose or recycle your booth or booth elements. You can recycle some components of your booth or you have to dispose of it. Throwing a booth away is not an optimal way to conserve, plus, it often requires additional costs.

Renting is becoming a viable alternative to purchasing. “Nearly 50% have experience renting exhibits for use at trade shows compared to just 20% in 2011.”




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