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Trade Show Resources


Whether you are a trade show rookie or a seasoned veteran, the challenge to build your brand and stand apart from the competition remains the same. In order to help you achieve this, we have made a number of trade show resources available to you. Take advantage of our free downloadable documents that start with the basics and cover the essentials of trade show planning. We also provide worksheets that help you identify the many, and sometimes hidden, costs of exhibiting, so you stay on budget. We also have guides that help you understand the elements of style when creating or updating trade show display booths. We provide infographics that illustrate the costs and benefits of renting versus owning a booth. You can also spend time reading the blogs of industry experts who go into the finer details of these trade show resources.

Renting vs Owning — Infographic

Renting vs Owning Guide


No matter what your experience level with trade shows is, ExpoMarketing has the resources available to help you succeed. Handwritten by our team of experts, our library of resources will help you navigate the often overwhelming logistics and planning of trade shows. First and foremost, you are a business, and as such, you want to maximize your return on investment. Begin with ExpoMarketing’s downloadable trade show budget worksheet and read our trade show basics blog archive. These expert guides will help you avoid excess shipping charges, explain drayage and material handling expenses, help you decide whether to rent or own and how to maximize your return on your trade show booth investment.

Continue your education with our free style guides and blogs on trade show design and planning, where we explain how trade shows help build your business and address common misconceptions about them. These resources will help you ask the right questions before starting your booth design, so you can identify which shows you should attend and how to select the right exhibit space, as well as understand valuable trends for your next trade show. Make your exhibit stand out from the competition with expert design advice on signage, graphic printing, color and mood, effective lighting and tips to strengthen your product presentation. ExpoMarketing will take you through all the phases of planning, optimize your booth for the trade show floor, deliver fresh ideas and help you create a welcoming and engaging exhibit that will make your brand shine for your next trade show. Download the free e-book, The Essential Guide to Trade Show Planning, from ExpoMarketing and start outlining the best planning, budgeting and design practices before your next big show!

How to be successful at a trade show exhibit?

A successful trade show booth begins with a lot of preparation. Planning should be done way in advance to ensure a good location, the perfect booth that represents your company, and a trade show marketing strategy. At the trade show, interact with as many people as possible. Be sure to follow up with all of your leads after the event is over.

How to measure trade show effectiveness?

Trade shows help you generate leads, create brand awareness, and allow you to reconnect with existing customers. While some benefits of trade shows are hard to measure, the number of trade show leads you get and the percentage of those leads that convert into clients can give you an idea of your trade show success.

What to bring to a trade show exhibit when preparing for a show?

When preparing for a trade show, don’t forget to bring business cards, something to write with, giveaways, display items or samples, your multimedia presentation, extension cords and power strips, and other important office supplies. Tape, scissors, a stapler, trash bags, and any handouts are also important.

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