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Want to save time and money while breaking out of the standard trade show booth approach? ExpoMarketing has you covered with our new pop up trade show displays! Ideal for exhibitors looking for a cost-effective alternative to the traditional display booth, our pop up trade show displays offer convenience and cost savings in one easy-to-use package. Made of seamless tension fabric, ExpoMarketing pop up stands provide a simple  and highly portable exhibiting solution for a fraction of the price of a traditional booth. Our versatile pop up displays can help you make a big splash at large national conventions, small regional trade shows, and everything in between. Lightweight and easy to carry, ExpoMarketing pop up booths can be assembled in only five minutes, and are just as quick to break down after the show. All have the option of single- or double-sided graphic designs. And the high-resolution graphics will make your display stand out – even on a crowded trade show floor. If you’d like to see other examples of our work, here is our entire trade show displays gallery.

pop up backlit displays


Put your brand in the spotlight with our freestanding backlit lightbox pop up display. The high-resolution graphic illuminates with our interior LED lights. This pop up display is unique because the thickness of the profile width allows it to be free-standing. The Valencia Lite 100LB comes in two packages that gives you the flexibility to print on a single side or double-sided. The sturdy design and materials can withstand the rigors of frequent travel, allowing you to use the display again and again. And we can easily print new graphics for use with your existing pop up frame. This would be a great option if you already have the booth materials that you need, but would like to add an extra pop of attraction. This will help your brand stick out from the other simple booths and help people to remember your brand by your flashy sign.


ExpoMarketing makes it easy to design and order a pop up stand for your next trade show. All of our pop up displays are available in two sizes 10′ x 8′ and 20′ x 8′. You can choose our unique curved design or straight backdrop made out of seamless tension fabric. Our pop up displays provide the same custom look and feel as our award-winning rental booths. If you want to upgrade your display, also consider our line of upscale portable trade show displays.

pop up trade show displays

Choosing the Correct Pop Up Display:


The first thing you must decide when choosing a pop up trade show display is the size.  Pop up displays are available in two different sizes.  Some are designed to fit a 10’ x 10’ booth, and others fit a 10’ x 20’ booth.  If you have already reserved your spot at the next trade show, you most likely already know what size display you are looking for.  A larger booth can accommodate more foot traffic and naturally draws more attention from the crowd simply because of its size.  However, a smaller booth that is designed well can still accommodate a lot of traffic, and it can use other design elements to attract attention on the trade show floor.  If you plan to go to multiple shows and can’t decide which size booth you should get, consider a modular pop up trade show display that easily converts from a 10’ x 10’ display to a 10’ x 20’ display.


Once you’ve selected a size, consider the shape of the pop up display you wish to select.  Some of the pop up booth displays come in a unique curved shape, while others offer a straight back drop.  The curved display’s unique shape makes it stand out in a trade show amongst all the other straight-backed displays.  Its curves are specially designed to make the gorgeous graphics easily noticeable from all angles on the trade show floor.  The straight-backed display is a more traditional shape that allows for a slightly better flow of traffic.  While its shape is not as eye-catching in and of itself, it better accommodates accessories such as display tables and monitor mounts that also add a visual appeal to your booth.  Angled panels are also available for straight-backed pop up displays.  Choose one long straight panel or multiple straight panels including angled straight-backed panels that add dimension to your booth and add to the aesthetic appeal.

Customizing Your Pop Up Trade Show Display

Once you have selected your booth size and shape, it’s time to consider your graphics.  These pop up displays feature high resolution fabric graphics that use a dye-sublimation technique to make the graphics really pop.  The best color and clarity possible is achieved through the dye-sublimation process which uses a combination of heat and pressure to permanently infuse the dye into the fabric.  This technique allows the dye to permeate the fabric at the molecular level–ensuring that the colors will remain brilliant throughout the lifetime of the fabric. You have the option of selecting single-sided or double-sided graphics.  If there is any chance that the back of your display will be visible, double-sided graphics are the way to go.  Double-sided graphics are also useful if you plan to use your pop up display at more than one show and would like to display a different set of graphics at each one.  Simply order a double-sided graphic and turn your graphics around when you want to switch your graphics display. Backlit display graphics are another option to really brighten up your pop up display.  Backlit trade show display graphics attract a lot of attention–especially in the midst of a dark trade show floor.  Their luminescence will make your graphics shine, and your specially-designed backlit fabric graphics will dazzle the crowds.

Accessorizing Your Pop Up Trade Show Display

Once you have selected the basic size, layout, and design for your pop up display, it is time to accessorize.  Accessories go a long way in making your pop up display functional, enticing, and attractive.  Take advantage of accessories to make your pop up display more visible and highlight your products. Our flooring and lighting fixtures are optional but make for great features that you should utilize for the extra wow factor!


One of the most important and often overlooked accessories is lighting. A well-designed booth with brilliant graphics is not very helpful if no one can see it. On a dark trade show floor, adding lighting will make your graphics pop and draw much needed attention to your products. If you don’t opt for a backlit graphic option, consider illuminating your graphics with our ultra bright white LED lights that emit approximately 1500 lumens. These lights clip on to the top of your display and provide much needed lighting on the trade show floor.

Monitor Mounts

Monitor mounts are another important accessory.  With more and more companies using multimedia displays to draw awareness to their products, a monitor mount will greatly enhance your pop up display.  Monitor mounts can accommodate monitors up to 50” in size.  Smaller monitor mounts attach directly to your pop up display and hold up to 10 pounds.  Consider adding dimension to your pop up display by incorporating multimedia displays into your design.

Counters and Display Tables

Counters and display tables can also be added to your pop up display.  These features add functionality to your booth by providing a place to display products or other relevant items.  They serve as ideal locations for you or your staff to meet with potential customers, and they can also be used as stations to collect data from interested clients, pass out giveaways, or distribute educational literature about your products.  Small display tables that are approximately 2’ x 3’ in size attach directly to your pop up display.  Larger podiums and counters that feature fabric graphics can be placed anywhere in your trade show booth.  Before you choose an option, think about how you want your booth to function.  How do you want to interact with your customers?  How do you want foot traffic to flow through your booth?  What type of table or counter will enhance your design aesthetic or increase the functionality of your booth?  Does your counter or table need to provide storage options?  Once you have thought through these questions, choose the tables or counters that will best fit your needs and decide how they will best fit with your pop up display.

Literature Holders

Literature racks are also something to consider when thinking through the ways to accessorize your pop up display.  If you have a lot of information to distribute, literature displays placed at convenient locations along the edges of your booth are the ideal solution.  The literature displays racks contain at least four pockets each and come in silver or black.  They each come with their own carrying case and are very compact and light-weight.  Adding a few literature displays to help you distribute information will also free up your team members to answer more detailed questions and have more in depth interactions with potential clients.

Transporting Your Pop Up Display

Cases are available to transport your pop up display.  One of the most popular cases is a case that can double as a counter.  This hard-shell case features a handle that allows for easy carrying.  Optional graphics are available to incorporate your case into part of your booth’s design.  Once your pop up booth is unpacked, it is easy to convert your case into your booth’s counter.  It is simple and completely tool-less.  Best of all, you don’t have to worry about storing your display case during the trade show event!


Why Choose Expo Marketing?

Take the frustration out of your convention day. We want you to spend all your efforts and energy on your presentation, your product, your customers and yourself. If you are busy worrying about designing your display and running around to get things printed, chances are you might not give full attention to minor but important details you would want to spend on your presentation for your convention day. We are here to design and deliver a cohesive design for your display without sacrificing any important details or creativity. The pop-ups are simple and straightforward. They take minutes to assemble and place together. We are a one stop shop and will create the wow factor you are looking for to attract your customers so that your focus can be where it needs to be, your business, your brand. 

How much does a portable pop-up display cost?

We try to meet all price points. Our pop-up displays have a wide range in price and are generally cheaper than our portable displays. Our least expensive option is the Wave 8×10 which starts at $852. This is the most basic design including a curved, one-sided backdrop with optional flooring and lights, weighing under 30 pounds. We have everything you can think of from this package all the way to our most expensive package of $5,044 which is our Wave Modular Kit. This option is double sided displays, a larger footprint of 10×20 feet and includes frames, graphics, display tables, and a case with optional flooring and lighting. No matter what price point or option fits your needs you can always count on Expo Marketing to give your display the same custom touch. Check out our portable trade show displays for a broader range of options.

What size trade show booth do I need?

When trying to decide which display size you want, there are a couple of things to take into consideration. First, how many employees or staff will you have working at your display table? Another thing to consider is, how large is your company? Will you be expecting many visitors to your booth at once for a presentation or a demonstration? Or will customers be coming and going? If you have many employees at your booth or are showing a large demonstration and would like to attract a large audience, your best bet would be to go with the largest size pop up booth that you are able to afford. If your company is less well known and you are just starting out, the smallest size might be best for you until you gain a bit more traction. As you build clientele and a steady customer base, you can always upgrade your booth. Here are some things to consider while comparing the different sizes. 


Budget friendly without sacrificing style. This option is best for smaller businesses, or your first custom set up. 


 This size gives enough space to do demonstrations while entertaining a crowd, however still being compact enough without feeling too large. 


You will have enough room to create private spaces for one-on-one meetings or to maximize customer interaction. This size obviously gives the most space. You will want this size for national size trade shows with the most foot traffic. 

What are the benefits of a pop up display?

Pop up displays have many advantages.  They have colorful graphics and a professional look that really make your booth stand out.  Many people especially love that they are portable and easy to set up.  Many pop up displays can be set up within a matter of minutes and completely transform your space.

Are pop up displays easy to install?

Pop up displays are designed to be very easy to install.  There are different types of pop up booths, but most pop up booths only require one person for installation.  They can usually be completely set up within a matter of minutes.