Trade Show Services

ExpoMarketing is the ideal source for all of your exhibiting needs. All our services are performed in house by our team of experts.

Graphic Design

Whether you have your own team of in-house designers that you’d like for us to partner up with, or you’d like our award-winning design team to take the lead, we specialize in transforming your brand into an engaging experience through custom graphics that can be printed on just about any flat surface.

Graphic Production

We have high quality printers in-house, which means that your images will be printed by a team familiar with the design and its function. Additionally, we can source 3D and fabric printing, as well, and our in-house staging ensures that your graphics will fit perfectly into your display on the big day.

Trade Show Support

We align you with one of our trade show experts who will help you manage budget, deadlines and form submission, in addition to coordinating your shipping and labor. The exhibitor manual is difficult to understand and time-consuming to read, which is why our team who is familiar with the language will guide you through it.

More Services

From chairs to monitors and light fixtures, we have your rental booth covered for each and every detail so that you don’t pay for generic, overpriced pieces that will be saturating the show floor and not live up to your display’s potential. We boast one of the largest rental inventories on the west coast, and our high-quality pieces make a strong statement that will set you apart from the competition.