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10 x 20 trade show booths


10×20 Trade Show Booths Designs

Our 10×20 trade show booths are a natural, logical step up from 10×10 exhibits. A 10×20 trade show booth makes it easier to host demos and have space for attendees to walk in and experience the display. Meeting spaces for networking are also a possibility with a 10×20 booth, without the intense competition that surrounds securing a 20×20 exhibit space.

As with 10x10s, strong, effective graphics are key to solid 10×20 booths. 10×20 trade show booths have more room for product display. This means that shelving can be added to increase various products’ visibility. Changing the structure with a unique back wall in an unusual or unexpected shape or height will help to distinguish a booth from the competition, and curved walls are a custom possibility, as well.

IQMS 10x20 Trade Show Expo Display Rental
ACUITY Trade Show Display Rentals

Backlit 10×20 Trade Show Booths Designs

Lighting can be an extremely effective tool for setting a mood and having a standout display. The addition of light boxes or backlit tradeshow displays, light sconces, industrial or upcycled fixtures can profoundly help to set a tone or enrich your brand’s message and aesthetic.

Choose from a variety of unexpected or unique materials to enhance your space, as well. Upcycled wooden pallets can be used to create counters or hosting stands, and furniture can be selected to suit aesthetics from rustic to modern to industrial contemporary. We will tailor your booth to your brand, company and vision from graphics to furniture and everything in between.

10×20 Product Trade Show Booths Displays

Custom, attention-grabbing product display can be statement-making addition to your booth. Transform your display into a work of art through color, unique materials and branding to draw in attendees and make a lasting impression that will outshine the competition.

Space planning is crucial for a 10×20 trade show booths, and designing an interactive display for attendees to enter, rather than simply look at, will have different structural and spatial requirements. We can help you decide what will make the greatest impact and give you the greatest opportunity to have your message heard by attendees. Browse our trade show booths gallery for more inspiration.

CyberArk 10x20 inline trade show rental

FAQs about 10 x 20 Trade Show Booths

Is it easy setting up a 10×20 trade show booth?

Some 10×20 trade show booths are very easy to set up, and others can be very difficult.  It depends on the type of trade show booth you use.  You can purchase trade show booths that are portable and completely toolless.  These models can be set up quickly and easily–often by one person.  On the other end of the spectrum, there are hardwall custom booths that require tools and need to be set up by an experienced crew.  These booths aren’t portable, however. Most trade shows will require you to hire their labor services if you bring in a booth that’s not portable.

How do you set up a 10×20 booth for a trade show?

If you are setting it up yourself, you likely purchased or rented a portable 10×20 booth. Most trade shows require you to hire approved labor services to set up non-portable booths.  Set up of trade show booths can vary depending on the type of booth you have.  There are many portable booths that are designed to be completely toolless.  These booths have pieces that are designed to fit together by hand tightened screws, clips, or other methods.  Simply follow the instructions that come with your booth, and you will have your booth set up in no time.

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