Spotlight your brand with our CUSTOM LIGHTBOXES

Spotlight your brand with our custom lightboxes

Artboard 8@3x

Lightbox Gallery

Radiant PO8213A 10 x 20

Starting at $20,395 (Purchase)

Radiant PO8192B 10 x 20

Starting at $20,983 (Purchase)

Radiant 213C 10 x 20

Starting at $14,894 (Purchase)

Radiant 113C 10 x 10

Starting at $6,260 (Purchase)

Radiant PO8207C 10 x 20

Starting at $24,945 (Purchase)

Radiant PO8192C 10 x 10

Starting at $11,204 (Purchase)

PLUMROSE 10 x 12

Starting at $9,000


Can my 10x20 lightbox be designed to break down to a 10x10 display?

Yes. We can custom build a solution so your lightbox can be modular and adapt to your trade show spaces.

How long does it take to produce a lightbox?

Our typical lead time for standard led lightboxes is 10 business days upon artwork approval and do not include any shipping days.

What if I need my lightbox sooner than 10 business days?

Shorter production times may be available based on our production schedule. Rush charges may apply.

What is the lightbox made out of?

The frame is made out of aluminum. The fabric graphic is a HD dye-sublimated silicone edge graphic.

Can I set up the lightbox myself?

Yes, you can self-assemble a lightbox. However, we recommend you have more than one person putting up anything bigger than a 10x10. You cannot assemble it yourself if you are mounting a monitor onto the lightbox.

About how much does a lightbox weigh?

Lightboxes will vary depending on size and shipping case. 

What kind of lighting is used in the lightbox?

Our lightboxes use LED edge lit lighting.

Can I make a trade show booth all out of lightboxes?

Yes, you can make your entire trade show booth out of lightboxes. Browse through our project gallery for examples.