Modular Trade Show Displays

What are Modular Trade Show Displays?

Modular trade show displays are exhibits uniquely designed to fit more than one size exhibit space.  You might find a 10’ x 20’ modular exhibit system that converts into a 10’ x 10’ exhibit.  Or you might see a 20’ x 20’ modular island display that transforms into three other sizes.  Modular trade show booths offer a professional, customized look and come in all shapes and sizes.  There are simple pop up displays that transform from a 10’ x 20’ inline display to a 10’ x 10’ inline display.  While some modular trade show booths are lightweight, portable, and completely tool-less, other modular exhibits can be completely custom and made any way you want.  The sky is the limit when it comes to modular trade show displays.

modular 10x20 backlit display
portable 10x20 backlit modular display converted to two 10 x 10 displays

Why Modular Trade Show Displays?

With all the benefits that go along with exhibiting at a trade show, it is no wonder that so many companies attend multiple trade shows a year.  Unfortunately, a lot of companies need different sized booths at various trade shows.  The need for multiple-sized booths makes purchasing an exhibit complicated.  Modular trade show booths are the solution to this problem.  Instead of purchasing, storing, and shipping multiple-sized booths to fit each different size exhibit space, you simply need one modular trade show display that you can adjust to fit each exhibit space.  This can save you a lot of money, time, and hassle.  And best of all, your modular display will look amazing!!  With so many types of modular booths to choose from and the ability to customize your booth to fit your needs, you will end up with a modular trade show booth you love.

Types of Modular Trade Show Displays:

Pop-up Modular Displays

Pop-up modular exhibit systems are one of the most cost-effective modular exhibits.  These lightweight, portable options are easy to set up and transport.  Simply put together the easy-to-assemble aluminum tubular frames and attach the graphics.  The reusable high-resolution pillowcase fabric graphics are made using a dye-sublimation process that ensures bright colors and maximum clarity that won’t fade in the wash.  Single sided or double sided graphics are available as well as optional accessories such as monitor mounts, counters, and lighting.

Backlit Modular Displays

To really dazzle your clientele, consider a backlit modular trade show booth.  These modular booths feature stunning, backlit graphics that captivate an audience.  The graphics are backlit with LED lights and are printed on a special fabric that maximizes illumination--creating an effect that is simply stunning.  Many backlit modular booths are portable and easy to set up.  Some backlit modular exhibits are completely tool-less with durable aluminum extrusions that can be put together by hand.  These tool-less modular displays also come in a case that can be shipped via UPS and can convert into a counter for your booth.  Optional accessories are also available.

Portable Modular Displays

Portable modular exhibits are a convenient and stress-free modular booth option.  These modular exhibits are one of the more cost-effective options and are extremely versatile.  They are lightweight and easily portable.  They come in a custom-designed case that can be shipped through UPS.  Many of these cases also can convert into counters for your exhibit.  Best of all, they are 100% tool-less and easy to assemble.  The vibrant graphics and clean, modern look will make your exhibit stand out on the trade show floor.  The dye-sublimation graphics are washable and available in single-sided or double-sided options.  Accessories such as monitor mounts, lighting, tables, counters, and shelving allow you to further customize these modular exhibits.

Architectural Modular Displays

More heavy duty modular trade show booths are also available.  These modular exhibits are constructed with 2” thick aluminum extrusions--allowing for more architectural features in these displays.  Towers, canopies, and recessed or hanging lights are some of the additional features available in these more robust modular exhibit systems.  These modular booths are completely tool-less and relatively quick to assemble.  They come in custom-designed cases with wheels that make them easily portable.  Featuring colorful dye-sublimation fabric graphics and a broad range of design choices, these dramatic displays are captivating.  Numerous accessories are available with these modular exhibits including shelving, monitor mounts, canopies, recessed lighting, counters, tables, iPad holders, and kiosks.

Custom Modular Displays

Custom modular trade show booths offer a never-ending set of options.  If you can’t find the modular exhibit system you are looking for, consider a custom modular exhibit.  Custom modular trade show booths can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes.  They offer a unique aesthetic that will set you apart from your competitors.  Available in a variety of materials, a custom-designed modular booth can be whatever you need it to be.  An endless variety of accessories are also available with custom modular trade show booths.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when you're looking for a modular solution for your next trade show display. With rising cost of shipping, labor, drayage, we offer many modular solutions that help reduce these significant costs and help you maximize on your trade show investment. Please click here, to reach out to us with any questions.