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Let’s face it. Inline booths can be dull and boring, but they can also be exciting and engaging. Your options are limited in a 10×10 and 10×20 inline space, since you can’t have structure taller than 8’ or hanging signs, and there are usually restrictions on the elements you can put into your space.  But inline exhibits can be as exciting as larger island structures or peninsula displays, even if you only have a 10’ space to work within.  Our exhibit design team creates beautiful inline trade show booth displays that bring your brand to life and transform your message into a delightful experience. Take a look at our entire trade show exhibit gallery for more ideas.

PcP 10x30 inline booth rentals
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Inline booths can be as simple as lightweight fabric portable displays that set up in minutes, or as spectacular as a customized inline rental exhibit with all the bells and whistles of a larger island booth.  Your 10×10, 10×20, 10×30 inline booth design options are unlimited with ExpoMarketing.  Dramatic lighting, flooring options and contemporary furniture can all add that extra flair to turn your smaller space into an inviting and effective inline booth display.  Your budget and show objectives should determine the best route for your inline display.  Our award winning design team will help with suggestions and guidance.


If you exhibit in one or more 10’ spaces throughout the year, it probably makes sense for you to purchase a lightweight portable fabric display that offers easy set up.  If your inline booth space is usually 10×20’ or larger, renting is certainly a viable option. With ExpoMarketing’s extensive selection of inline exhibit designs to choose from, you can have a highly customized trade show rental display and project a sophisticated image at an affordable price. Our team will help you weigh your options.

IQMS 10x20 Trade Show Expo Display Rental


You can rely on ExpoMarketing to deliver the best custom inline display booths. All of our inline display booth packages come with a unique design process, teaming your business with our industry experts. Even though you face space restrictions, our experienced exhibit designers can help make your custom inline display booth a success. ExpoMarketing will help you effectively use a suite of design elements, including exciting graphics to help you attract and captivate attendees, innovative lighting techniques, unique flooring, and contemporary furniture.

You can browse through ExpoMarketing’s exhibit portfolio and see our innovative inline booth rental designs for yourself. From the 10×10 inline configuration up to 10×40, you will discover the inline booth rental that will work for your trade show floor space. From vibrant displays of color expertly printed on wrinkle-free tension fabric to kiosks and fully customized rental structures, our custom inline displays are spectacular from every angle.

Let ExpoMarketing create your custom inline display booth today so you can stand out in your next trade show for years to come. Visit our portfolio and contact us whenever you’re ready to make your display a reality.

FAQs on Inline Booths

What is an inline booth?

An inline booth is surrounded by booths on three sides and can only be approached and viewed from the front.  The back of the inline booth and the two sides of the booth adjoin other booths. 

How can I make an attention-grabbing inline booth?

Attention-grabbing inline booths begin with a large visual component. Large, high-quality graphics, backlit graphics, and other unique features that catch people’s eye go a long way.  Booths that are interactive or feature samples or giveaways also get a lot of attention from trade show attendees.

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