Trade Show Displays for Purchase

If your company exhibits at multiple trade shows, purchasing a booth is often the most economical choice. Another reason to consider purchasing a booth is if your company needs everything to be very customizable. Additionally, when you purchase a trade show booth, you will not have to make additional payments on it — whereas with a rental, you are charged every time you use it.

If you plan on using the same exact booth for four shows in a year, purchasing a custom built booth will be more cost effective than renting the same booth four times. The only recurring expenses when you purchase a booth are potential repairs/refurbishments, storage, pre-show preparation, and the cost of shipping it to each trade show.

custom trade show displays for purchase

How Purchasing a Custom Booth Benefits You

  • Cost effective for going to multiple shows.
  • Design and build any custom elements that you envision for your brand.
  • Incorporate special features, technology, and furniture that are specific to your industry.
  • Custom flooring options that let you build your brand’s personality into all parts of your booth, from the ground up.

Custom booths are available for purchase in many shapes and sizes (from 10×10 to much larger 50×50 island booths). The shapes and layouts include inlines, islands, peninsulas, and double decks. Any booth that you see on our website can be rebranded specifically to your company — Explore our Portfolio!

If you are looking for something completely different and unique we can definitely work with you to design a booth to meet your vision and imagination. The starting purchase price for a complete custom 10×10 booth is $10,000.

Do you have some creative ideas for your next trade show booth? We want to hear them!

Baldwin Filters

How we helped them

Baldwin Filters was looking for a trade show display solution. They had been going to multiple shows within the year and needed a more economical custom trade show booth solution. They were also looking for a booth that would be able to go show to show, from Tennessee to Calgary, Canada, due to their busy trade show schedule. With having five trade shows in the year we provided Baldwin Filters with the option to purchase a custom booth and were able to save money instead of renting the same booth five times. The final solution was a sleek and modern 10×20 island/peninsula custom display.

When we first partnered with Baldwin Filters, they were renting from us a few times a year and as the company grew, their team began exhibiting more and more shows. This impressive growth warranted a more economical solution, because rental costs were adding up quickly!

Founded in 1936, Baldwin Filters has grown from less than a dozen employees in Wisconsin to a global business that distributes filters across six continents. Quality is their top priority and we were proud to build a fully customized trade show booth that showcases that commitment to quality at every single trade show that Baldwin exhibits at.

Baldwin Filters focuses on providing superior filtration products to all areas of the world. Depending on which trade show they are at, they need to display different types of filters to meet their customers’ varying needs in different locations. To enable this flexibility, we built a 10×20 island/peninsula booth for Baldwin Filters that travels with them to all of their shows, and we provided different graphics and lightboxes that can be rearranged to accommodate each show that they attended.

The Journey

Baldwin Filters came to us with a sketch of what they had envisioned for their next booth. They needed a retail look and feel and for the booth to:

  • Be bright and well-lit
  • Avoid down lighting that would cast shadows
  • Include a meeting space that wasn’t closed off
  • Be easily reconfigured for certain shows (change to an island and peninsula)
  • Incorporate securable product display shelves
  • Feature high-end finishes like a flush-mounted TV monitor

After they showed us the sketch and we went over the requirements together, we presented them with their first design proposal. We designed their booth on the very first draft!

Show List: 2017

Show: Acklands Grainger City: Calgary, AB
Show: HAD TruckPride City: Orlando, FL
Show: Global Petroleum City: Calgary, AB
Show: TruckPro City: Nashville, TN
Show: Grainger City: Orlando, FL

Want to see more of Baldwin Filter’s final product?

How We Can Help Your Company

The trade show industry will present your company with a number of obstacles. We’ve seen some “interesting” issues arise and are able to anticipate the things that could make your experience less successful. Our team will help you with logistics management from show to show, print different graphics as your brand grows, and always make sure you are getting the most economical solution available.

Designing a booth that meets your expectations is only a part of our overall goal — we also help you problem solve and have a great experience working with us from your first phone call and on to each trade show you exhibit at.

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