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Our Process


The first step in our process is a call with an Account Executive to learn about your company and your brand and to discuss the show that you are attending.  We will ask you for your wishes and requirements for your booth at that show, as well as general budget parameters. Our team of experts will guide you to make smarter decisions and ensure that your requirements align with your trade show goals.


Once we have determined that there is a potential fit between our companies we will obtain more details on your specific demo and space planning requirements.  We will then schedule a call with our award-winning exhibit design team, who will start the process of customizing a rental exhibit that creates the perfect environment for you.  You will be provided with renderings as a starting point and we welcome your input. Concurrently with our initial design we will check show regulations to ensure that the booth we are designing adheres to all show rules.

Once we have received your input on our initial renderings we will make any required changes and present final drawings, complete with your branding.  This will be accompanied by a proposal which details the pricing.  We include labor and shipping in the pricing, since these are large budget items which you need to be aware of in advance.  We don’t want you to have any surprises later!

construction trade show

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