Trade Show Displays for Rent

If you are concerned that renting means you lose out on design quality, don’t worry! With most trade show display rentals today, you don’t have to sacrifice the amount of customization or creativity you can have in a booth. The benefits that your company can receive from a rental is that they are fully customizable, but you pay only a fraction of the cost of a traditional custom purchase. We are often asked: how can I rent something yet customize it to be completely on brand for my company? Some exhibit houses do have limits on what you can customize when renting. However, we do not restrict the amount of customization you can do. In fact, all of our custom rental projects go through the same detailed design process as our booths that are being purchased. If you’d like to get some custom trade show rental design ideas, check out some of our ideas.

With most rental booths today, you don’t have to sacrifice the amount of customization or creativity you can have in a booth.

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A trade show rental display is perfect for you if your company wants the look of a custom booth, but doesn’t quite have the budget to cover the costs. Being able to customize your booth to your company is crucial for your brand’s image. The better your booth can tell your company’s story, the more it will stand out on the trade show floor. Our goal for your company is to have a successful trade show — smart design equals better results.

Many booths are available to rent. However, if you see a purchase only booth, we can typically modify a rental display and still capture the same look. If you see a booth that you like, we can print all new graphics that will be customized to your brand. Rentals also make reconfiguring a booth a breeze! Whether you need to reconfigure a booth for the multiple shows you are exhibiting at, or you need to meet rules and regulations, we can help!

Let us know if you see a trade show display booth you like, but want it customized to your brand at a rental price!

Renting is perfect for you if your company wants the look of a custom booth, but doesn’t quite have the budget to cover the costs.

The Process


We’ve had the pleasure of working with many different brands, large and small, so our portfolio provides an extensive look into the options we are proud to offer you! Remember, imagine your brand’s graphics and messaging on anything you see in our portfolio because your trade show rental display is 100% customizable.

Browse through our online booth portfolio to draw inspiration from and get an idea of the design elements that will best express your brand.


We will discuss what show you are exhibiting at, what booth size you have reserved, what is your overall budget, and what goals you want to achieve. The better we understand your brand, the more impactful the trade show rental display we design for you will be!


We will send you a design checklist to help us better understand your company and the design look you are hoping to achieve. After we have reviewed your checklist, one of our designers will reach out to wrap up the details so we can present your trade show rental display for final approval. Brand consistency is very important and your booth must be on-brand in order to effectively represent your company on the trade show floor. Our approval process ensures that there are no inconsistencies between your brand identity and your booth design.


Once the design details have been ironed out, we will send you a proposal to sign off on. The proposal can include design, pricing, shipping, and labor for your trade show rental display. You can outsource shipping and labor if that’s what your company prefers. The number that you see on your proposal is the price you pay. There are no surprise charges. However, if you wish to add more graphics, furniture, or a hanging sign, we can certainly add those costs to a separate proposal.


After you approve your custom graphics we will print them for your booth and build the necessary structures and components as well. Once the booth is completed, we will send you a video of your finished trade show rental display for approval. The video will show your booth with all necessary lighting turned on to ensure everything is functioning correctly. If you are in the area you are more than welcome to see your booth in person before it ships to the show!

Do you have ideas already in mind for your custom booth rental? We want to hear them!

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