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Effective Ways to Cut Your Trade Show Marketing Costs

Trade show marketing allows you to meet dozens of potential clients in a single day. It is the most effective way to increase awareness for your business and acquire new leads. However, despite their effectiveness in boosting brand growth, trade exhibitions can be costly. 

Below are some tricks to help you profit from trade show marketing without breaking the bank:

Buy an Affordable Display

Although custom displays can make your brand stand out from the crowd, they can be a bit pricey. Consider purchasing a booth that serves your exhibit needs without blowing your budget. The most affordable displays are those that are lightweight, compact, portable, and easy to set. 

Such displays pack, store, and travel easily and, in turn, help you save in terms of shipping costs and drayage fees.

Reserve Your Booth Early

Make early booth reservations to avoid paying late registration fees. When you reserve early, most exhibit houses offer you a 10 to 20 percent cut on standard booth reservation price. If you accumulate such cuts over a year, you can make huge savings for your company.  

At ExpoMarketing, we recommend you reserve a booth at least six months prior to the show so you can have enough time to plan your display.

Plan Ahead

Note down key dates and push them back a month, so you always meet your deadlines and avoid last-minute expenses. Once you get your booth, you can pre-order services like furniture rentals, carpeting, hanging sign installation, and special lighting.

Past the discount deadline, the floor price rises by 10 to 20 percent.

Pack Your Supplies

Carry along handy items in case you miss them at the trade show marketing site and have to buy them. Such items include a pair of scissors, tape, stapler, paper, pens, Velcro, Swiss army knife, extension cords, and extra light bulbs. 

Go Digital

Printed marketing materials like brochures, coupons, flyers, order forms, and signup sheets are vital to your exhibit. However, when in excess, they drive up your production costs and shipping fees significantly. 

ExpoMarketing advises the use of digital alternatives to avoid these extra costs. You can work with our tech team to post valuable materials on your website and social media handles in a downloadable form.

Keep Transportation Records

The best way to cut back on shipping costs is to buy a lightweight display. Nonetheless, you should also keep accurate records of the shipping content, actual weight, and the number of containers. Indicate these details in your bill of trading and claim any discounts.


Make Early Travel Arrangements

There are several ways to save on airfare costs. Pick early morning flights, book at least 7 days in advance, and buy your tickets on a Tuesday around 3 PM Eastern time. You can also cash in any discounts or exclusive deals for groups traveling to and from the same destination. 

Minimize The Use of Union Labor

You can perform many rigging and setup activities yourself, especially if you don’t need ladders or tools. You and your team, for example, can install hanging lights and bulbs and carry light fixtures from your car to your floor space.

Final Thoughts

Remember, trade show marketing is an investment. While implementing these cost-saving measures, try not to skimp on the quality of your exhibit. Achieve a perfect balance between attaining your objectives and maintaining your budget.




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